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Event timeline added by: shorty

Published: Jul 05 2016 Events: 1 Current Status: Winning / Losing / Indifferent Views: 1018 Likes: 0 Like Subscribe to Timeline
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UserID: shorty Type: Joined: Oct 24 2016

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Event Date: Jul 05 2016 Event Type: ER/A&E Visit Wellbeing: 5/10 PVCs Level: 9/10 More info

I have had a high number of PVCs for years and had learned to live with them mostly unnoticed until just recently. I went to bed, woke up with very minor heartburn and went into VTAC. After a few days in the hospital I was diagnosed with Non-Ischemic Dilated Cardiomyopathy. In short I went from no issues to unwanted issues. I have smoked for 50 years but have put them down since 7/5/15 and have given up 2 fifths of Jim Beam weekly as of the same date. My EF is 35-40% after 3 months of medication but the PVCs still remain and are as heavy as ever. I have an appoint with the Electro Doctor in a few weeks but am not sure what will happen. In general I feel breathless most of the time, frequent activity causes heavy breathing and I soon tire.

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