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Event timeline added by: Iholley

Published: Jan 01 2011 Events: 3 Current Status: Winning / Losing / Indifferent Views: 1199 Likes: 0 Like Subscribe to Timeline
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UserID: Iholley Type: Joined: Aug 02 2016

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Event Date: Jan 01 2011 Event Type: First Experience Wellbeing: 7/10 PVCs Level: 6/10 More info

The first time I noticed what I thought were skipped heart beats was right after I moved to a new state. They were very noticeable but not very frequent. It lasted for about a month and then seemed to go away. Over the next few years the skipped beats would happen from time to time but nothing note worthy.

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Event Date: Jul 24 2016 Event Type: Emotional Change Wellbeing: 8/10 PVCs Level: 9/10 More info

Started having heart flutters, pounding, and increased heart rate after eating any type of food. They lasted about 30 min and then passed. On the 27th they started after lunch and this time didn't stop and it was hard to breath. Went to the ER which is where I heard PVCs for the first time. All lab results are normal. No signs of heart disease or anything else for that matter.

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Event Date: Jul 28 2016 Event Type: Visit Cardiologist Wellbeing: 6/10 PVCs Level: 5/10 More info

Cardiologist has no idea what is causing the pic so he ordered a stress test, holter, and echo. Completed the stress test and there no signs of pvc's. Was told that it was a good sign to not have them while excercising. Still no answers. Tracking food to see if I can find any triggers.

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