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Event timeline added by: tmjc2016

Published: Jan 01 2005 Events: 3 Current Status: Winning / Losing / Indifferent Views: 1113 Likes: 0 Like Subscribe to Timeline
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UserID: tmjc2016 Type: Joined: Jul 26 2016

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Event Date: Jan 01 2005 Event Type: First Experience Wellbeing: 7/10 PVCs Level: 0/10 More info

Mitral Valve replacement with mechanical valve. PVC's started right after. Given Atenolol for symptoms

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Event Date: Apr 05 2016 Event Type: ER/A&E Visit Wellbeing: 2/10 PVCs Level: 10/10 More info

This is when it all went to heck! Pounding, thumping in chest, felt like pressure on chest, some breathing issues. Went to cardiologist and he did several tests (echo, resting nuclear imaging, ECG), along with blood work up and scheduled nuclear stress test along with a double cardiac catheterization. A few days later symptoms got so bad, went to ER and they performed tests and concluded it was "just" PVC's. Eventually nuclear stress test came back ok, as all other tests did.

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Event Date: Jun 08 2016 Event Type: Continuation From Last Event Wellbeing: 7/10 PVCs Level: 2/10 More info

Changed cardiologists when original one would not do anything else for me. New cardio looked at all results and had me wear heart monitor for 30 days. He also doubled my dose of Atenolol, which has helped greatly, but I still feel there is an underlying cause. I was fine for 11 years. After much research, I may have discovered the issue-I've been on PPI's for about 8 months now and I believe they may have reduced my stomach acid to the point that vital minerals are not being properly absorbed. I am weaning off the PPI's now and also am adding more supplemental chelated magnesium to my diet.

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