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Event timeline added by: Feesarah

Published: Jun 01 1991 Events: 5 Current Status: Winning / Losing / Indifferent Views: 1425 Likes: 0 Like Subscribe to Timeline
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UserID: Feesarah Type: Joined: Oct 02 2014

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Event Date: Jun 01 1991 Event Type: First Experience Wellbeing: 9/10 PVCs Level: 6/10 More info

I was 13 years old, sitting playing with dolls in my bedroom when suddenly my heart started thumping and going fast. I called my mother, who was a nurse, she took my pulse and called an ambulance. By the time ambulance had arrived my heart had settled down, although they took me to hospital and done ECG, which was normal. Luckily, I had no problems until later in life.

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Event Date: Jul 01 2003 Event Type: Continuation From Last Event Wellbeing: 7/10 PVCs Level: 4/10 More info

In my early 20s, i had a miscarriage and a year later I began to get thumps and missed beats that would keep me awake at night- it felt like I was going to die. My heart was always low, 50bpm, but when I went for ECG I was a bit nervous and I was slightly tachycardic (101bpm). I was put on atenolol to reduce symptoms. Later that year I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid and had to take 125mcg thyroxine. I asked if my thyroid problem could have caused my pvcs, but was assured definitely not (my current cardiologist however says it definitely could cause it).

Pvcs well controlled until my 30s.

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Event Date: Oct 29 2010 Event Type: ER/A&E Visit Wellbeing: 7/10 PVCs Level: 7/10 More info

Driving to work, I felt light headed and a sensation that I could not breath. I pulled over and all of a sudden my heart started to thump at what felt like a by fast, erratic pace. My husband came and took me to A&E but it had settled again.

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Event Date: Aug 29 2011 Event Type: Changes to Lifestyle Wellbeing: 4/10 PVCs Level: 9/10 More info

I was 32 and had given birth to my son a month ago. I was having a lot of relationship problems with my husband for the past 5 months and was suffering from sleep deprivation.
It happened when I was having my dinner, I am sure there is a link to digestion and irritation of vagus nerve. All of a sudden I felt light headed, as if I was going to pass out, I felt I could not get enough air and then my heart started to thump rapidly in a very erratic rhythm. My mother, a nurse, could not take my pulse or blood pressure, as it was too erratic and fast, immediately called an ambulance. When I got to hospital I was kept in for 3 days and told I had SVT (supra ventricular tachycardia) and later heart monitors show pvcs, bigenemy, trigenemy. I can have bigenemy (PVC every 2nd beat) for up to 48 hours, very tiring considering I feel every thump. I was put on different beta blockers, until my current one, bisoprolol 10mg.

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Event Date: Sep 29 2014 Event Type: Progress - Indifferent Wellbeing: 9/10 PVCs Level: 7/10 More info

I finally left my husband in 2012 and the reduction in stress has reduced the severity of my pvcs and svt. I am finding it difficult tolerating my beta blocker, especially as it does not stop my svt or pvcs. It lowers my blood pressure and heart rate too much. I am trying to get ablation to remove the troublesome pathways in my heart that cause my pvcs and svt, but in the meantime have adopted a healthy diet and exercise routine. And I hope that if I can control my acid indigestion I can stop talking my ppi. Will update when I have my ablation but in meantime am also reducing my beta blocker to see if it helps reduce the drop in my heart rate and blood pressure.

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