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Event timeline added by: deadlock

Published: Apr 05 2014 Events: 1 Current Status: Winning / Losing / Indifferent Views: 1164 Likes: 0 Like Subscribe to Timeline
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UserID: deadlock Type: Joined: Apr 25 2014

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I am new in this "issue". Just starting to learn about the problem and learn to cope with anxiety that it raises.

These last three weeks were like hell for me. Of course when I had my first episode I went to ER and had an EKG. Then I had EHO and also stress test of my heart - all fine. Except that anxiety did not go anywhere. I had also several panic attacks, that are new for me. I lived three weeks of misery and fear. Which made the whole problem worse, as you may guess. I had 1 short PVC episode per day at first, and today I had one about 20 minutes long and I took beta blocker finally.

I am trying to figure out how to stop it without medication. I am scared to exercise :( even do yoga. Constant awaiting of this sensation.

I am glad to find people who can understand me. My family is caring, but as doctors told us "nothing to worry about" they treat it as my overreaction.

I hope to get rid of anxiety slowly as I understand the problem more. And eventually I hope they will go away. I think stress caused them: I had awfully stressful winter/spring at work.

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