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Event timeline added by: GarethS

Published: May 01 2011 Events: 2 Current Status: Winning / Losing / Indifferent Views: 1962 Likes: 0 Like Subscribe to Timeline
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UserID: GarethS Type: Facebook Joined: Aug 13 2013

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Event Date: May 01 2011 Event Type: First Experience Wellbeing: 5/10 PVCs Level: 5/10 More info

My PVCs started last year.... well, thats when I first noticed them.

It was a case of this:

I felt a bit strange, 'whats going on'? i thought. I listened and then I felt them...... my first skip.... Unfortunately I had just trained my brain to listen to my heart. the worst bit? Emotional reaction to thinking something was happening to my heart and linking the sensation to something bad....

Emergency room beaconed..

I sat there alone thinking im dying.... it was 3 am... The nurses did and ECG... that looks ok... some blood test and a wait to speak with a Dr... the Dr told me he could see nothing out of the ordinary. I tried to explain to him what had happened, he said, 'are you stressed'?. A little I replied. My mum was killed by gross medical negligence in 2009, I had a double pneumothorax in 2006 and was run over by a white van in 2009, six months after my mum was killed.... (I have a risky job. My nick name is 'lucky'!)

That was the beginning of me realising I had PTSD..

Anyway, PVCs continued, I pushed the NHS for answers, they told me everything was fine. I couldn't understand how something that felt so bad could be OK??

I started to get them a lot and still have them. I have no paid privately to see a Cardiologist in Addenbrooks. I bought myself a little device for recording the 'skips' and now have episodes on ECG format to help with diagnosis.

I have tried eliminating all the usual with no results..... alcohol etc.. I didn't use stimulants prior anyhow.

I have a cardio appointment today at 1500hrs. I tried a new set of amino acids yesterday and my PVCs have halved in number.

I dont want to report anything on the supplements I have tried until I can say 'yes, that fixed me or helped'...

I will update everyone thats interested later.

I am 34 year old Male and have exercised all of my life. I work out 3 time minimum per week lifting weights and walk 5 miles per day. The thing I keep saying to myself is, 'if I had a heart problem, I couldn't do this'

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Event Date: Aug 26 2013 Event Type: Progress - Positive Wellbeing: 9/10 PVCs Level: 1/10 More info


Thing have progressed for me this week. I have an letter come through from my cardiologist recommending Sotalol 40mg or Flecainide 50mg.....

I am an active weight lifter and walk twice a day. I burn more than average calories. I had a think about things logically this week.

My diet whilst getting 1000 PVCS per day was:

porridge 7am
Protein shake 10am
Chicken Breast 2 large tomatoes 1pm
Protein Shake 4pm
Main meal 7pm (meat and veg)

I would take a multi vitamin b complexes, fish oil, garlic everyday... pretty healthy really....

This week I changed things. To my diet I added complex carbs (baked potato) a bit more salt and a further 600mg on top of the 250mg magnesium I was taking.

I added about 2 pints of semi skimmed milk per day....

So far, day 4, I have went from 1000 pvcs to 4 or 5 a day with no runs...

I think I have missed something very simple. I was deficient in something. Exercise was eating resources and PVCs were a side affect.

I would love to nail down exactly what I was lacking. I am not convinced it was potassium. Maybe the body is so finely tuned that is responds or kinda says, 'excuse me' now and again.

I am due to have a 6 day event monitor put on on tuesday. My choice is to revert back to pre, or continue as is.

I would love some comments on this. What do you think?

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