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Event timeline added by: missyj64

Published: Jul 11 2013 Events: 1 Current Status: Winning / Losing / Indifferent Views: 1414 Likes: 0 Like Subscribe to Timeline
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UserID: missyj64 Type: Joined: Aug 10 2013
Slogan: Avid CrossFitter with no Cardiac history, now with daily PVCs. I am going Crazy!!

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Event Date: Jul 11 2013 Event Type: First Experience Wellbeing: 2/10 PVCs Level: 7/10 More info

I am a very fit and healthy 32 year old female with no Cardiac hisotry. I played basketball growing up and now compete competitively in CrossFit. I was at my Crossfit gym doing heavy deadlifts on July 11. Felt a little lightheaded but kept working out. Went home and 1 hour later checked my pulse. It was normal rate ( my regular heart rate is 40-45), but irregular. Being an ER nurse I knew something was wrong. I drove to a medic station and had them run a 5 lead ECG. It showed multi-focal PVCS. I felt very dizzy and felt my heart palpitate and then feel like it was stopping. They took me to the ER and by the time I was seen bm an MD my symptoms resolved. My potassium was boderline low at 3.4 and they thought my PVC were maybe from this. I went home and didn't feel any more PVC's. They next day they came back again. I have now had them for a month straight. I feel them worse when I do minimal activity like walking up stairs, laundry ect. I get them at rest too. They only go away when I workout, but I am so scared to work out because I have them when I get to the gym. I have had many episodes of lightheadedness and feeling like I can take a full breath in. I have had a holter and Echo and will get my results next week when I see the Cardiologist. I have been placed on oral Potassium. I eliminated my only cafeeine which is my pre-workout drink. It is not one of the crazy jacked up ones. It is basically amino acids with caffeine equivalent to one cup of coffee. I did this for a week but was still throwing PVCS like crazy. I tend to have about multiple 30-1hr episodse of my most noticeable PVCS throughout the day. I will have couplets and then fusion beats followed by PVC's with a long compensatory phase. I feel like I am going to pass out and feel pounding my my throat. I am exteremly paranoid now and don't even want to exert myself. CrossFit was my life and I am now scared to pursue my athetlic potential. Everyone says "you will be fine". But these episodes do not feel right!! I am also taking magnesium and fish oil with the hope that this will help. I am just so confused why all of a sudden at age 32 they started and are continuing daily.

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