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Event timeline added by: sadia78

Published: May 03 2013 Events: 6 Current Status: Winning / Losing / Indifferent Views: 1783 Likes: 0 Like Subscribe to Timeline
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UserID: sadia78 Type: Joined: May 23 2013

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Event Date: May 03 2013 Event Type: First Experience Wellbeing: 4/10 PVCs Level: 8/10 More info

Relocated to Singapore from the Netherlands. Husband risked his job for me and our 9 years old boy left his school. Work here in SG didnt support as we had expected. So I felt responsible , miserable and constantly fighting with the HR at work to make things moving as they should. It all resulted in having these shakes in the heart as I like to call them. First I thought it must be muscles since I exercised alot in the Netherlands. I went to the gym 4-5 times a week and did alot of spinning.

Here in SG, I was an emotional wreck. Being stranded in the hotel, housing agent not helping. I noticed that these shakes were just increasing , I had them 2-3 per minute.

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Event Date: May 12 2013 Event Type: Continuation From Last Event Wellbeing: 4/10 PVCs Level: 9/10 More info

Didnt trust the heart shakes anymore. Went to the GP, who took my BP which was rocket high. He sent me the cardiologist (they are super fast here). Cardiologist was very friendly and did ETT, heart ultrasound and blood test. All came out normal. Put me on the 7 days holter monitor as well and told me that these are called ectopic beats. During seven days, I could see on the holter that I had several of them especially when I was giving presentations at work, sitting at my desk, after meal , lying down. It was very uncomfortable. I could see 3-4 a minute. They would last for an hour then would reduce. I couldnt sleep so I started taking calming medicines which would keep me slow the next day and when they would wear off, PVC kick in.

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Event Date: May 17 2013 Event Type: First Experience Wellbeing: 3/10 PVCs Level: 3/10 More info

Being on the holter, reading alot on internet, Not much PVCs events during the day because of calming medicines, I didnt feel well on the Saturday night and felt dizziness, heavy chest etc. I went to A&E and the cardiologist came by himself and I was admitted because of Anxiety.
Next day, he did more blood tests which were all normal. He also did CT angiogram which showed that my artries were all clear and heart function etc all fine. So in the end conclusion was no underlying heart disease.
He put me on Sotahexel 40mg twice a day. And asked me to take rest from work for 7 days.

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Event Date: May 22 2013 Event Type: Continuation From Last Event Wellbeing: 5/10 PVCs Level: 1/10 More info

I had dizziness, tiredness, heavy legs and vomiting feeling as side effect of the Sotahexel. No PVCs at all. But I dont like beta blockers. So I went to the cardiologist again. We mutually decided that my PVCs are benign. They cant cause Ventricular tachycardia, cant cause ventricular fib and either I can learn to live with them or he can try another beta blocker for few months. He said he thinks they are stress related as we did all the tests and all functions are normal.
I left his clinic without betablocker and we decided to see him in a month time.

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Event Date: May 24 2013 Event Type: Other (xanas) Wellbeing: 5/10 PVCs Level: 0/10 More info

I am on xanas , 3 times a day. I have changed my diet, no more junk food here in SGP and eating very small portion. Food is only rice and chicken or some Chinese food full of strange agents in it. I read that Magnesium helps in heart rhythm so I have bought this magnesium oxide tablets 400mg which do contain 40mg of calcium.
I am determined that I want to sort this out without using beta blockers.
I believe my PVCs are stress related. I am very down these days. Scared of getting them again. I think I have masked them with the help of xanas and the moment I will off xanas, they will start again. I know I have read worse stories where people have thousands a day . Mine are definitely less than 500 so I know I am better off and I also know there is no underlying heart issue but I am so nervous. I am 35 and I have always lived a healthy life. I wanted to make this move to SG to have a new experience with my husband and son. My family , friends all are in London or The Netherlands. So miss them too.

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Event Date: May 24 2013 Event Type: Continuation From Last Event Wellbeing: 4/10 PVCs Level: 0/10 More info

I am writing here to get help, advice, tips. Is choosing Magnesium oxide a good choice. I only took since yesterday. What else could I do that helps. Should I be worried? Do Beta blockers side effects as written on internet do imply?
Is this true that when one doesn’t have underlying heart issue, the ventricular fib or tachycardia chances are non-existent. Should I take anything else that would help. Cardiologist believes that this onset of PVC (which I never have had in UK or Holland and I am 35 now) is related to environmental change and stress at work?
I want to enjoy life, I want to enjoy this new experience in SGP. But the fear of having PVCs again keeps me down all day. As I said I feel I have masked them with the help of xanas right now. Should I continue that? PLEASE help. Thank you.

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