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User Story Written By: engelmaui

Originally Published: Oct 17 2012 Views: 1,501 Comments: 0 Linked Discussion Posts: 0

My experience with PVC'S

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In the summer of 2009 while at a Rock concert I experienced a nose bleed and went to the Medical tent for assistance. For some reason the EMT hooked me up to an EKG. He told me that I had PVC's and that I should see my Doctor about it.

I went to see my Doctor and after and EKG he told me I did have a few random PVC's and not to worry about it.

Shortly after that I started experiencing dizzy spells and did not think too much of it until in January of 2010 I wound up in the emergency room with the dizziness. An IV of Heprin cured the dizziness which was diagonsed as A-Fib, the Doctors told me I needed to stay and get checked out. After and Ekg and an Echo and stress test and an angiogram I was told I had 5 blockages in three arteries and needed surgery immediately. I had a triple bypass and was told all would be well. I also had a Maze procedure for the A-Fib which has cured it to this day.I also discovered at this time that I was diabetic and had an issue with my thryoid too. Two months later I was back in the Hospital twice with what was diagnosed and congestive heart failure. The next three months were hell as I then developed Dresslers Syndrom, lost 30 pounds and felt like it was all over for me. In the fall of 2010 things seemed to stabilize and I started gaining weight and feeling better. Things have been going well since and I do exercise modrately on a regular basis. My last check up with the Cardioligist was in September and at that time the Doctor discovered that I had multiple PVC,s that were at times looking like ventricular tachacardia. Once again I freaked and after a normal Echo and a normal Doppler I was scheduled for a stress test. During the stress test it was discovered that my heart was in V-Tach and the cardiologist cancelled the test. During all of this the palpitations got worse and worse. So bad I wound up in the ER with what I thought was a heart attack. Turned out to be a panic attack. We then scheduled an Electrical Study of my heart which was done this past Monday. The result: The PVC"s are benign, and have all but gone completely away leaving me with the opinion that stress can induce anything. I am now taking a Magnesium supplement and wondering why no one realized that with the congestive heart failure, the lasix and potassium I was taking that the idea that I might need a Magnesium supplement too was missed. The best advice I can give anyone with this problem is to have the Electrical Study done of your heart to determine if the PVC's are benign of if sudden cardiac death is a posibility. If it is get the ICD and live your life and not worry about what might happen. Stress Kills, believe it!


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