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User Story Written By: KrayRay

Originally Published: Dec 28 2010 Views: 1,567 Comments: 0 Linked Discussion Posts: 0

Weight and PVCS

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I am a 24 yr old woman...3 Years ago, my body gained 60lbs in less than 6 months. After I had gained the weight, things seemed to be ok.. I am 5'1 and I weighed at the time 255lbs..My PVC's did not start happening until 2 years ago, I would get maybe 1 per day if I walked upstairs fast, or in the car randomly i would get a hard beat... I have lost 40lbs now I am 5'1 and weigh 210..About 2 months ago I woke up in the AM and got a palp.. followed by another palp...and another, it seemed every 4 seconds I was getting a palpitation...I was soo scared I drove myself to the ER and the first thing they asked me was, do you suffer from anxiety? I said umm.. no what the heck do you mean? I felt as if everything was bogus and all they wanted to make me feel like was I was crazy! So i was in the ER for 4 hours..I had the PVC's straight for 24hrs.. The next day I went to my primary and she prescribed me xanax .25mg, and referred me to a cardiologist... So I went to the cardioglogist and he put me on a Holter for 24 hrs.. he gave me a beta blocker.. I started taking those and for the first week it was fine, I felt super weird and calm.. after 2 weeks..The pvc's now come in groups..clusters of 4 and 5 hard pounding sensations with no breathe in between..its so horrible. After all my tests from the Cardiologist came back normal, he said he wants me to lose weight. My PMD prescribed me an anti depressant which may cause suicidal thoughts for the first 2 months.. and i REFUSED to take them...There has got to be a reason for these feelings we get..I havd PCOS which means Im pre diabetic..Although I dont think pvcs have anything to do with hormone levels? Wether it be positioning when we lay on our left sides I know I get them... magnesium and calcium lacking, stress, anxiety, overweight, electrolyte disfunction?! So Im dying to know, how come most of us are not born with this... It seems to randomly show up? Answers?

Love and Peace,



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