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User Story Written By: PVCMan

Originally Published: Nov 27 2009 Views: 5,036 Comments: 2 Linked Discussion Posts: 0

Fitness, PVCs, weight loss and dieting

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If you are already relatively fit or not specifically overweight and do not have a passion for anything aerobic of athletic, then fitness is probably not your main concern with regards to Premature Ventricular Contractions. Having said that, if a fitness regime is a new found venture in which you want to indulge then it certainly will not hurt.

The most important thing regarding fitness is that being overweight or generally unfit will most definitely aggravate Premature Ventricular Contractions. Therefore, the idea of getting fit is to lessen the load on your circulatory system. But as mentioned in other discussions and blogs, you must take into consideration the implications of losing fluids and more specifically electrolytes.

I am not going to discuss weight loss in any detail because it is a massive subject with tens of thousands of web sites around the globe battling to put across their diet schemes in a bid to influence you and sell you something. They all claim supremacy in that their diet is the one to abide by and claiming all other diets are wrong, they are basically cashing in on peoples weaknesses and misfortunes.

What I will say is, everyone is different and exactly the same diet for two people could produce very different results. The one thing however that I will remain adamant about, is that the vast majority of people switch from one diet to another in a bid to find that magic bullet or quick fix. The most common problem with weight loss is the denial by the individuals convincing themselves that weight loss is a secret science. With the exclusion of exceptional individuals who do have genetics that make them prone to weight gain and difficult to lose weight, the absolute majority are simply not abiding by the most basic rule and sticking to it… Calorie deficit!

In a normal individual, consuming fewer calories than your body requires on a daily basis will burn fat. Regardless of what individuals try to convince themselves, it IS that simple, at least for most. By far the biggest problem is denial; for example, a relative of mine often says things to me along the lines of: "Why can't I lose weight? Yesterday I only ate two slices of bread, and a small meal in the evening." What they tend to be in denial about, is that the day before that they ate around 150% of their daily calorie requirements.

It often takes an individual quite a few years to get to the weight level where they really start to feel weight loss becomes important. But so many people expect to make the changes in just a few weeks. Now with the right diet and exercise, weight loss can be achieved at a faster rate than it was gained, but it isn't going to simply drop off! One of the biggest issues is that at the start of a diet and fitness plan, the most recent fat accumulated is burnt relatively quickly along with quite a lot of water resulting in a glorious scales reading. Then at the end of the first month the individual's progress slows to a crawl, they get depressed and they give up or look for another solution.

Humans have evolved over many tens of thousands of years and it's only in the last three or four decades that food (especially processed foods) has been in abundance to the average person in the western world. So when you start to diet, you may make a noticeably good start, but then your body's defence kicks in simply because it has evolved to recognize a shortage in nourishment and starts to protect itself from starvation. So the only way around this, is to be patient. One thing I have noticed in myself, it is worth kick-starting your metabolism from time to time by taking a break. And this doesn't mean eating junk food for a week, it just means increasing your calories to maintenance levels for a few days and then reverting to your diet.

As far as diets are concerned, you have heard it all before, but it is true. Eat a balanced diet, give up processed foods in favour of food you prepare yourself and by far the most important thing is RECORD what you eat. If you don't, it is almost guaranteed you will cheat and then later subconsciously deny it. There are a lot of websites that offer online dieting diaries which you can use to help you. The one I use is called, it is not the most comprehensive one on the web, but I find many of them are too complicated and difficult to use. is completely free, but if you want something more intricate, there are plenty of other options on the web. I just want something to simply keep an eye on my caloric intake and see progress over a period of time.

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Bill Type: Visitor Branford, CT USA
Posted: 13 years ago

Thanks for the information on weight loss, fitness and PVCs. I have a 30 year history of PVCs and I am morbidly obese. I have lost 33 pounds over the past 3 months and I am looking to lose another 100 pounds in the next year. That would get me down to 210 pounds which is a healthy weight for me. I am very hopeful it reduces my PVCs. I take Flecainide and Atenolol and they work well in general but I still have days or weeks of high PVC activity and we all know how that is. It comes and goes in cycles. Fortunately the low PVC cycles are longer. Again, thanks. The website appears to no long available. I am using MedHelp to keep track of my weight and PVCs. They have trackers for both

Phil Type: Visitor Cambs
Posted: 13 years ago

Hi Bill,

A loss of 33 pounds over 3 months... that's quite an achievement! The very best of luck with continued progress, I hope you hit all your targets.

I'm not sure what happened to I liked it because it gave me the control I needed over nutrition without being over-complicated. Most diet or nutrition websites are written around marketing where this one wasn't.

Best of luck.