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UserID: MsZee91 Type: CurePVCs Joined: Jun 29 2021
Thread Started: Jun 29 2021 Last Post: Oct 05 2021 Last Post By: ogallardo
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 2

More PACS than PVCS anyone?

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Posted Jun 29 2021#1 of 2
MsZee91User Since: Jun 2021Posts: 1Hi all,

Not sure if anyone still uses this forum, but I’m here. I started getting ectopic beats last year after a weird week full of them. I went to the ER one night after waking up with my heart going nuts, but of course nothing showed up on the ekg there. I then saw a cardiologist that same week, but by that point I felt better. They ended up subsiding significantly, but I still got an echocardiogram and event monitor. Pvcs/pacs showed up but nothing else. The following months I felt so much better, had maybe a couple a day - no big. Fast forward to 6 months ago and they came back with a vengeance like I’ve had before. This all started in my late 20’s by the way…30 now. I’ve had to quit regular coffee which was so depressing at first. I went back to cardiologist for more ekgs, had a holter monitor. And I’m getting more PACS than PVCS. Anyone else have the same issue? Seems like PVCS are more prevalent. These are debilitating and causing me a great deal of anxiety and depression. I feel like I’ve lost my life at such a young age. I was on metoprolol for a little bit but couldn’t stand the tiredness and dizziness. I’ve tried magnesium (I used Triple Calm by Natural Rhythm and Heart Calm) both which do little to nothing. Tried taurine 1000mg once daily with a coq10 omega 3-6-9 which helped at first but not so much anymore. I’m trying to incorporate more potassium and magnesium rich foods to see if it will help. I even take cbd oil and lemon balm tea for my anxiety over these things. I just purchased motherwort to see how it will do. I exercise 2-4x a week and don’t eat a bunch of trash…the only thing I do eat a lot of are carbs so maybe I should really try to cut them out. Also, I noticed I don’t get as many when sitting or lying down…not like when I’m up moving around. Another point is that They go crazyyyy after I eat a meal. Not always but frequently. Any advice would be sooo appreciated.
Posted Oct 05 2021#2 of 2
ogallardoUser Since: Oct 2021Posts: 1how are you doing with the etopic beats. I'm in the same boat and its driving me crazy. have these beats stopped for you?

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