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UserID: AmericanChristianPatriot Type: CurePVCs Joined: Jun 18 2021
Thread Started: Jun 18 2021 Last Post: Jun 07 2023 Last Post By: norsegaud
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 2

Successfully Treated my PVC's

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Posted Jun 18 2021#1 of 2
AmericanChristianPatriotUser Since: Jun 2021Posts: 1Despite what the medical community thinks, there is definitely a link between acid-reflux and PVC's for a lot of people. The only medical site that I could find that acknowledged this link claims that Acid Reflux causes stress and that is what causes PVC's

Well, that logic falls flat when you have someone like myself that has silent reflux. In other words, I rarely have symptoms. Thus it rarely stresses me.

My PVC's did start after a particular stressful time in my life. However, they showed up when my reflux was noticeable. So I took some baking soda and started a regime of Prevacid. As my reflux got better so did my PVCs. When I finally stopped the Prevacid, I noticed the PVC's were coming back although I HAD NO REFLUX SYMPTOMS. I also noticed that PVC's were worse at night and when lying down. Just like reflux. So I began taking baking soda at night before bed and symptoms began to improve. I have done this for 2 years now and have has a significant reduction in PVCs.

Well, a few months back I began taking ginger tablets. I noticed during this time that my PVC's had become hardly noticeable at all. Didn't make the connection. Later after I had stopped the ginger, the PVC's came back to normal. That is when it dawned on me that ginger soothes inflammation in the GI tract. So I started it again and lo and behold, PVC's are almost gone.

I am now a firm believer that for some people Reflux is indeed a cause of PVC's Reflux can cause inflammation in the gut that aggravates the vagus nerve leading to the heart. Antacids remove the irritating acid. While ginger soothes the inflammation.

I can't say that I am cured, but I am so much better that I have my life back.

The protocol I use is as follows

1/2 tsp of baking soda in one ounce of water at night before bed.
1100mg daily of ginger capsules.

Hope this helps someone.

God Bless!
Posted Jun 07 2023#2 of 2
norsegaudUser Since: Jun 2023Posts: 3Know it has been a while, but thanks for the info. My dad swears by baking soda, and I by Apple Cider Vinegar (which gives me instant relief). I'll try ginger and maybe baking soda too since Apple Cider Vinegar has some downsides (tooth enamel issues + impacts on electrolytes like potassium).

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