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UserID: Codi86 Type: CurePVCs Joined: Jun 02 2021
Thread Started: Jun 02 2021 Last Post: Jun 25 2021 Last Post By: Patrick V Clarke
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 2

My story + please tell me what you discovered to be the root cause of your PVCs and what has helped.

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Posted Jun 02 2021#1 of 2
Codi86User Since: Jun 2021Posts: 1Hello, I just joined this forum and honestly, idk if anyone is on here anymore. But...back in December 2020 I was going through a very stressful event in my life. My body was already barely getting by due to chronic stress, adrenal fatigue and other health issues that accumulated over the years. In fact, in 2015 I was having PVCs for like 6 months but didn't know that's what they were. I thought my throat was twitching. It led me down a path of healing and I ended up getting rid of my pvcs for 5 years!

So anyway...they came back in December of last year.

At first (before they showed up) I was losing a lot of sleep, tossing and turning and worrying myself to death over the incident I was dealing with. Then I had a terrible gnawing pain in my epigastric area and then 2 days later the PVCs started and haven't left since then.

This time I went to a cardiologist after reading that palpitations can be felt in the thoat.

His verdic? Benign PVCs...

Well you already know they don't FEEL benign and sometimes they get to be 4 or 5 per minute. Other times they slow down but are still there.

I have checked my magnesium RBC which was low normal 4.6 (range was 4.0-6.8) but magnesium supplements cause me to feel restless, it disturbs my sleep and causes me to have sweaty hands and feet. This is hours after I take the mag. I have tried all kinds, and no matter what I cannot seem to tolerate even 100mg at all. I suspect this is due to the fact that I have adrenal fatigue and my blood pressure is already low 90/60 most days.

I also got my potassium RBC which was 92...the range was 82-100 so my potassium was actually good intercellularly.

I have tried hawthorn berry, motherwort, cactus, taurine, L-carnitine, D-ribose, coconut water, magnesium, and I'm sure a few other things that I can't think of.

Anyway...I am desperate for help. I cannot take Beta Blockers because my heart rate goes pretty low during the day and my blood pressure is already low.

They checked my heart with ekg, echo, and 7 day monitor so I have had the tests...just no answers and no relief.

So I am on a mission to find out what has worked with other people in hopes that I can come across something that I have not yet tried.

Thank you,

Posted Jun 25 2021#2 of 2
Patrick V ClarkeUser Since: Jun 2021Posts: 2Hi there Codi, I can sense your desperation and empathise with your situation. You really do end up having to do it all by yourself I'm afraid. Still, you're still on a mission to find out what has worked with other people, which is the way forward. I can only say what I said in a post I made yesterday, and it does sound quite similar to my own. My gastro issues did seem completely tied in with my pvcs, and the vagal nerve hypothesis was one that has seemed to led me in the right direction. The more I paid attention to my digestion, the fewer pvcs I experienced. Now I know it's not possible for everyone to raise the head of their bed by 10 inches, but it does help to heal any damage that may exist in the osoephageal area. A doctor will prescribe you a ppi in a second to help, but that just leads to other problems. And finishing eating earlier in the day has made a difference to me. I feel that vagal nerve induced pvcs were causing my problems, and by managing digestion better, I had some success. Citrulline malate did seem to help temporarily, perhaps by increasing nitric oxide and relaxing muscle tissue via vasodilation, I can't really say. You probably well know about stress, anxiety and stomach acid/GERD, so managing the stress in your life can also help with protecting your stomach/osoephagus/throat. I'm sure you've wandered down that path already. Good luck, hang on in there. Pat

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