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UserID: brianh Type: CurePVCs Joined: Jun 03 2019
Thread Started: Jun 03 2019 Last Post: Jun 19 2020 Last Post By: FileTrekker
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 2

PVC's and Dehydration

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Posted Jun 03 2019#1 of 2
brianhUser Since: Jun 2019Posts: 1I have a couple of medical conditions (large bowel mostly removed and prostrate problems) that cause me to frequently get dehydrated (particularly when combined with heavy exercise). When I get badly dehydrated (it comes in a hurry) my PVC's start and I can get as many as 20,000 per day (missed beats). It may also be a situation where my electrolyte is in imbalance as well but when I rehydrate the pVc's stop almost completely within hours or a day or two at most.
Posted Jun 19 2020#2 of 2
FileTrekkerUser Since: Jun 2020Posts: 7You should discuss this with a doctor or cardiologist as that is a significant burden.

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