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UserID: pandas Type: CurePVCs Joined: Apr 02 2019
Thread Started: Apr 02 2019 Last Post: Jun 19 2020 Last Post By: FileTrekker
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 3

How I appear to have cured my PVCs, very different to what is said on here

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Posted Apr 02 2019#1 of 3
pandasUser Since: Apr 2019Posts: 2I've tried everything on here... I've tried potassium, magnesium, all the supplements. I could go on and on, but nothing ever fully "cured" it. However I appear to have stumbled on three major things that have eradicated PVCs more or less for the past 3 months, which is the longest time I've gone in my life since I started having this horrible stuff without really having any of them. I go full days now without having them and it feels like I have a fresh new lease on life.

There were two critical things that needed to be done for them to be solved. The first was probiotics. I likely have SIBO and have screwed myself up really badly from PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) and decades of eating bad food. When I got IBS, I had to take probiotics to function. I noticed that the 15 billion CFU one significantly reduced them. They weren't eliminated though... but the final breakthrough for me appears to have come from not drinking anything 30 minutes before eating and one hour after eating. I know you are probably either rolling your eyes thinking "this can't possibly work", but when I was told to do this for digestive reasons, the PVCs vanished. Not like "okay you get 1 or 2 a day", but they basically are gone and I go through full days being normal again. It's not perfect, but I'm almost positive every person on this board would consider me cured.

I am not sure why the not drinking before, during, and after meals made such a ridiculous difference, but it did. My theory is that poor digestion causes some of us to not absorb something that helps keep these at bay. I noticed a lot of people who have PVCs tend to have acid reflux problems and a bunch of them go down the PPI road. While I could be very wrong here, if digestion is what makes it so our stuff can be absorbed, then putting in 'good stuff' means nothing if it doesn't get absorbed.

This is coming from someone who doesn't exercise much, takes no supplements (so no multivitamins, not vitamin D, etc... when I really should be!), and does somewhat stressful things.

Overall it took one to two weeks for me to notice it, but the "don't drink water with your meals" was the final magic bullet to putting PVCs away for good... for now at least.

I hesitated to post this because it's so easy to do something like take magnesium power, eat lots of potassium food, and so on, feel fine for 2-3 days and say "aha yeah it was that!" then PVCs come back angry after a week. This happened with every single thing on this board. However, 2-3 months of freedom is significant enough for me to say that in the past decade and a bit, this one change has been significant enough that I felt it should be shared online.

I am really interested in the gut related component to this. I haven't said yet that I eat zero junk food, drink zero alcohol, take zero drugs and only drink water.

Finally, if my stomach swells due to IBS symptoms, it does trigger PVCs. I also get them if I lay on my left side and I have gas in my stomach. My heart workup at the doctors showed I have a tight chest so I think I have a predisposition for posture-related-PVCs, but even those have been significantly reduced or eradicated by this.

Also my PVCs do get triggered if I get very dehydrated. For example if I'm in a hot environment with a lot of clothes on, it will trigger them. Being hydrated is important, but it must not be around food. The only time I had PVCs giving me grief in the past 2 months is when I was on a tightly packed train, dehydrated, in a huge winter coat and sweating like mad. This is why I claim I am not cured because I can still invoke them by doing not smart things, but because that was a one off... I am essentially PVC free... for now and hopefully for the rest of my life.
Posted Apr 02 2019#2 of 3
pandasUser Since: Apr 2019Posts: 2I also did not mention it since I can't find an edit button, but I stopped my PPIs and have been off of them for a year. Getting off of those was absolutely horrible (even though I had no acid reflux withdrawal, it's what it did to the rest of my body while weaning off), but that is another story.
Posted Jun 19 2020#3 of 3
FileTrekkerUser Since: Jun 2020Posts: 7Probably not. Proton pump inihibitors reduce the levels of magnesium and potassium. Quitting them was probably the real cure.

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