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UserID: slowhbwpvcs Type: CurePVCs Joined: Jan 30 2019
Thread Started: Jan 30 2019 Last Post: Jun 19 2020 Last Post By: FileTrekker
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 2

hello just found this site

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Posted Jan 30 2019#1 of 2
slowhbwpvcsUser Since: Jan 2019Posts: 1So I'm 60 and this just started for me about a month and a half ago although I suspect I was not feeling things going wrong for some time before that as I was pretty weak and tired and anxious - I didn't know anxiety can be a trigger and I have noticed that I was feeling more fear and anxiety than I used to lately so I will try remedies for that.

At first, I cut my caffeine in half and it got better for about a week and a half. But it came back. I am going to quit smoking because I am pretty much down to only a few a day and I smoke half of these small cigars with a filter and don't inhale so it's more or less physiological rather than addicted to nicotine. I continue to improve my diet and see today that too much sugar can be bad. I like sweets but I bake myself so I know how much goes into what I am eating. I only use half or less sugar in each recipe and they still come out yummy. I also never use salt when cooking and rarely at the table. I keep adding more and more vegetables and fruits as well as whole grains. I cut out all white bread and rice and potatoes as much as I can.

Do most people have a normal heart beat range with pvcs. I have a very slow heart beat and my blood pressure goes up. My heart rate can go down to low 40s. I feel lightheaded and woozy and drained of energy. I would try to exercise but it seems that my heart rate stays low even when I try to exercise. I have some relief some days it seems normal for a period of time and I feel great. I may try a procedure to eliminate the pvcs from happening. I see my doctor this Friday. I'd rather not be on medicine but appreciate as well the nutritional ideas which I might try first. I just don't want to overdo and my pressure goes low. My heart rate can't get any lower!

I am going to try the potassium gluconate - I just stared with 1 a day but will increase to 2 per day. Does anyone think I should try to move and exercise more when I am in PVCs or only when I'm not. And is there a difference in the levels of supplements when the heart rate is low?

Posted Jun 19 2020#2 of 2
FileTrekkerUser Since: Jun 2020Posts: 7You need to speak to a doctor or cardiologist about your bradycardia.

Experementing on yourself with supplements like potassium is dangerous if your heart rate is already so low.

We have doctors for a reason people.

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