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UserID: Sienna Type: CurePVCs Joined: May 21 2018
Thread Started: Aug 03 2018 Last Post: Aug 05 2018 Last Post By: Drexelman
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 5

Please advice!Potassium will do withput magnesium?

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Posted Aug 03 2018#1 of 5
SiennaUser Since: May 2018Posts: 24Hello guys

As my last posts mentioned it,I accidentaly may have found the trigger for my excessive gas and bloat which hugely increased my PVC s for the last 10 days.
Did anyone came across with this tremendous digestive issues from taking to much magnesium?I am using magnesium orotate and every 500 mg pill,contains 34 mg elemental magnesium.At the very begining I took as indicated,2 pillsX3 times a day but as I calculate to be just about 210 mg I thout i must go higher and i increased to 4 pills 4 times a day.I dont know yet if this is the issue but starting tommorow I might cut it for a couple of days to see how my bowels will be.
Digestive issues brought me hundreds of PVCs(i hope this is the reason)as I feal a connection somehow.
No,I want to ask you if its ok to stop with magnesium,I can spray some on my skin,i have a magnisium spray.
Do you think that stoping it will interfere with potassium absorbtion?
I red on a forum they have a special protocol for magnesium to be absord better with bee polen and Boron.I might try in future.
I ordered some blackstrap mol***** and they seem to be high in magnesium too,as well as potassium.
Next week I will receive a large order of magnesium malate,i never tried it before,hope it will help.
Any thoughts,do you had any issues with magnesium?
Posted Aug 05 2018#2 of 5
DrexelmanUser Since: Jun 2018Posts: 15Sienna,

Elemental Magnesium is what you need to count everyday. I take around 1000mg of elemental magnesium. If you don't have a good source then just eat 2 cups of raw pumpkin seeds a day (one in the morning and one in the evening) and it will do the trick. Potassium will not be absorbed if you're low on magnesium. At the same time keep in mind that taurine keeps both magnesium and potassium levels in balance so you need to take it as well everyday. I take around 8 grams everyday and i would say you can fix your PVCs with just that trio (potassium, magnesium and taurine). Blackstrap mol***** is good but it has high calcium so if you take around 3 tablespoons you are getting way too much calcium (around 800mg) and calcium competes with magnesium so I would limit to one spoon a day. When I first had magnesium citrate I was having constant stomach issues and I thought it was because of too much magnesium but it was in fact due to citrate and acid mix they all use. So once I switched to Malate I never had that issue again. Wish you the best.
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Posted Aug 05 2018#3 of 5
SiennaUser Since: May 2018Posts: 24Hello
Thank you very much for your advice, you are so helpful, as ever.
Tomorrow i will receive my Magnesium Malate order place on Amazon and potassium gluconate.
In the meantime,i used some magnesium spray,what do you think about transdermal absorbtion like epsom salts?

Posted Aug 05 2018#4 of 5
SiennaUser Since: May 2018Posts: 24 this magnesium is coming tomorrow.
Posted Aug 05 2018#5 of 5
DrexelmanUser Since: Jun 2018Posts: 15Sienna,

This type will work just make sure you also add taurine. It makes a huge difference, it will completely stop them as long as you keep taking around 8-10 grams of taurine throughout the day every 4-5 hours. There are no found side effects since taurine is already in your heart and is mainly found in healthy unprocessed meats which most of us don’t consume daily.

Read this please

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