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UserID: PVCHelp Type: CurePVCs Joined: Jun 02 2017
Thread Started: Jun 09 2018 Last Post: Jun 09 2018 Last Post By: PVCHelp
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Testosterone, Aldersterone, PVCs

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Posted Jun 09 2018#1 of 1
PVCHelpUser Since: Jun 2017Posts: 9I am on TRT.

Testosterone replacement therapy or "T".
This may be a positive lead, on reducing PVCs. It is working for me. I am better. I can give blood now, since my PVCs are way less. My red cells are way up too.

Here is a link to an animal research paper, on the relationship between Aldosterone and Testosterone.

Aldosterone is used in this research to cause PVCs. Testosterone stops them - in these poor lab rabbits. From 55% occurrence, to 0%.

Aldosterone reduces potassium, maintains sodium. It is important to the balance in the body. It appears to come from the Adrenal cortex. So, if you have Low T, normal "A" you may generate PVCs. That is my idea at this point.

My T was sooo low. It was 100. Normal for men is 300-1100.

Male T down 50% on average??
Male T has dropped 50% in the West since the 1970s. Google this and look for a January 2017 article in the Guardian Newspaper. If T is dropping, PVCs as a public health issue should be rising. Quite a big secret, that Men's hormones are changing so much. (Men might be infertile if this continues!) As with any general observation like "50%" I expect some drop more than others - like me.

(I expect this broad drop in "T" is due to herbicides in water and food. Check out Tyrone B. Hayes from Berkeley’s work with frogs and endocrine disrupting chemicals. He has some you tube Ted Talks that are a must see.)

This aldosterone/testosterone balance may be somewhere to look for more answers on PVCs.

So, with "T" I am much better. I hardly notice the PVCs. Somedays they seem to be completely gone. My PVCs were pretty distracting before. In my Holter monitor test I remember thousands per day. I used to be out of breath and tired sometimes. The change is significant.

Before I wrote about Juice fasting as a temporary way to reduce PVCs. Juice fasting really doses the Potassium, drops the sodium. Less sodium - less Aldosterone produced by the adrenals to regulate it? Less Aldosterone to impact the heart? Also does more "P" in the bloodstream itself make for less PVCs. Potassium also relaxes the heart. Not sure which is the key, more P or less A. Juicing did both for me.

Maybe less sodium could be a positive impact on PVCs, not directly, but through Aldosterone.

Good luck and God bless.

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