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UserID: Schwah Type: CurePVCs Joined: May 06 2018
Thread Started: May 06 2018 Last Post: Jan 18 2019 Last Post By: Schwah
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 26


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Posted Dec 28 2018#21 of 26
SchwahUser Since: May 2018Posts: 17DevnIV - Sorry to hear you're having such a hard time with your PVC's. I know just how you feel. In my case having multiple doctors tell me "your pvc's aren't life threatening so learn to live with them" did not help. In fact it completely missed the point that living with PVC's made life that much worse 24 hours a day. Have you tried taking any sublingual B12? That made a pretty significant impact on the strength of my PVC's even before I started taking taurine and arginine.

I'm pleased to say that my PVC's are still managed. I'm not taking supplements daily but I'd say on average I'm taking them twice per week. Doing so leaves me with ZERO noticeable PVC's which still sounds way too good to be true. If I lapse and stop taking supplements for a couple of weeks I'm reminded to do so by moderate and semi-frequent PVC's. They don't scare me anymore though, and I simply resume my supplement regimen and they go away within 2 days. For the record, these days I'm taking sublingual B12, Taurine, Arginine, CoQ10 and a multi.

I'd love to know what you've heard about the negative impacts of taking taurine and arginine long term. I'll try to google that information as well to be sure I'm not causing myself a secondary problem by addressing the primary.

Bfrocks30 - Prior to starting on supplements I tried a bit of everything including having a little apple cider vinegar with water. I can't say it had any noticeable impact on my PVC's but it sure was delicious!
Posted Dec 28 2018#22 of 26
SchwahUser Since: May 2018Posts: 17Man, I would kill for an edit button! I realized in my last post I forgot to include magnesium in my current supplement list.
Posted Jan 06 2019#23 of 26
JustAnotherPVCguyUser Since: Dec 2018Posts: 2Hello Schwah!

I'm 23y old male from Europe. I've been facing PVCs for the last 6 years. I consistently have about 4000 per day and I feel each one of them. I'm already on 4th type of magnessium (tried Citrate, Glycinate, oxide, now on Taurate at 400mg per day) and I don't feel any difference. Same as you, tried to pinpoint the cause over the years with some sort of diet-log, but didn't succeed either.

I've been examined by 3 different cardioilogists, just diagnosed with benign isolated PVCs and was told to just ignore it, hehe, we all know how it feels, right :D

Are you still PVC "free" since taking those supplements in June? Your post gave me a lot of hope, because I've been researching nonstop past years and I only found this forum now lol. I'd like to spend my time and focus on better things in life than this (even though I know there are far worse things than this, still... as you said, it casts a shadow on your life).

I'm considering buying all those supplements as you listed and try them.

Thank you for any information.

Hope you're feeling good :)

Posted Jan 11 2019#24 of 26
SchwahUser Since: May 2018Posts: 17Hey JustAnotherPVCguy,

"Benign Isolated PVC's" don't feel benign, nor do they feel isolated, right?

I am still mostly PVC free. On most days I don't have any noticeable PVC's at all, even at night which was always the worst for me. As previously mentioned, when I lapse on my supplements I tend to start getting mild but noticeable PVC's. Resuming my supplements for a couple of days almost always clears things right up.

That said, I did just have a two week recurrence of PVC's even while I was taking my supplements. This happened during the recent Christmas and New Years holidays. The PVC's weren't as bad as they were prior to starting on supplements but they were much worse than my new normal. I had two things going on during this time that could account for the change. 1) I was on my second and third weeks of starting Lexapro @ 10mg for GAD. 2) I was visiting family and there was sooooo much junk food in the house and I couldn't keep my hands off it. My sugar intake in particular was probably off the charts compared to normal.

Over the past seven days my PVC's have reduced significantly. They're still there but weaker and I'm hoping they'll go away entirely again within another week or two. (Thump, just had one there). Either way I'll be sure to report back here on what happens.

Also, I think its worth noting that the very first supplement I took was sublingual B12 and my PVC's were noticeably softer the very next day. Certainly worth a try imo.
Posted Jan 12 2019#25 of 26
JustAnotherPVCguyUser Since: Dec 2018Posts: 2Hey Schwah,

thanks for your answer! Yeah, they certainly don't feel benign. I've long moved on past the fear of them damaging my heart, but it's still so unpleasant feeling, especially when it always takes your breath away/making you cough/giving you stomach butterflies like anxiety and so on...

Can I ask:
- have you had your vitamins/minerals checked via blood tests?
- did you talk to your doctor/cardiologist about the supplements you're taking and whether it's safe longterm in such doses?

I had bloodtest done. The only real deficiency was in Folic acid (B9) and the B12 vitamins were at supposedly questionable level - 254. (The range is supposedly 150-650, but I heard anything below 400 is pretty low, who knows what to believe already haha).

My potassium levels were also at the low-end at 3.97 (Range being 3.60-5.40 in my country). Somewhere I heard, that you should keep potassium above 4 if you have problems with heart palps.

Magnessium of course proved normal, but that was expected.

I'll be having another 24h holter next week and a doc appointment on 31st this month, so I will probably ask him about the list of your supplements to get a checkmark if I can try them as well.
Have you had a holter monitor? If so, how many PVCs have you had the most?

Sorry for so many answers, just trying to see how much we "match" with the symptoms and possible causes.

Thanks and have a good day.
Posted Jan 18 2019#26 of 26
SchwahUser Since: May 2018Posts: 17


Can I ask:
- have you had your vitamins/minerals checked via blood tests?
- did you talk to your doctor/cardiologist about the supplements you're taking and whether it's safe longterm in such doses?
Have you had a holter monitor? If so, how many PVCs have you had the most?

Hey JustAnother,

I did have my vitamins/minerals checked during routine blood tests on several occaions but I don't recall any of those numbers off hand. I know I had a D deficiency for a while but everything else was in "normal" range. I'll try to get my previous and latest results on paper though to bump those against your numbers.

My PCP has the full list of supplements I'm taking and he's never given me any grief for it. But hey, I guess that doesn't mean he's really looked it over. I have a follow up appointment with him late this month about the Lexapro and I'll ask him about long term complications then.

I have worn a halter monitor but I was experiencing very few PVC's at the time. I was there for what turned out to be exercise induced tachycardia (which is also pretty damn terrifying at first, btw!). The PVC's came later when I started having a series of panic attacks over the course of 6-8 weeks. The panic attacks subsided but the PVC's decided to stick around, at least until all of this started working for me.

Also, just a general update here:
After being back on my supps and getting back to my regular diet my PVC's have gone away completely, or at least they're completely unnoticeable. And once again, I find that amazing.

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