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UserID: AndreaA2 Type: CurePVCs Joined: Mar 27 2018
Thread Started: Mar 27 2018 Last Post: Oct 31 2018 Last Post By: JamesP
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 2

Ablation next week

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Posted Mar 27 2018#1 of 2
AndreaA2User Since: Mar 2018Posts: 1My husband is having a catheter ablation next week. He has over 30% PVC burden, and the cardiologists recommended the ablation. If you've had an ablation, can you tell me what your experience was like - how long did the procedure take? How did you feel after the procedure? How long did it take to recover? My husband is a healthy 36 year old. He's had PVCs for many years, but they got really bad about 4 months ago. I'm praying that his PVCs will be gone after the ablation.
Posted Oct 31 2018#2 of 2
JamesPUser Since: Oct 2018Posts: 1Hi, I had an ablation for my PVCs this past June. I had 10% PVC burden. I had the procedure done without sedation, totally awake throughout the entire procedure, which took about 2 1/2 hours. They said if I was sedated, I would have fewer PVCs and I needed to be having the PVCs while he was doing the procedure. As of October 2018, my burden rate is between 3 and 7% based on a 30 day event monitor I wore for the month of September. The days when the PVCs are high are terrible. I'm going on an anti-anxiety drug called Paxil, which I just started last week. They think by controlling my anxiety my PVCs will be lessened. I'm not big on this treatment but 2 doctors said I should tr it so I am. I don't want to try anti arrythmic drugs because of the bad side affects. How did your husband's ablation work for his 30% PVC burden?

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