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UserID: Alishacori Type: CurePVCs Joined: Mar 21 2018
Thread Started: Mar 21 2018 Last Post: Mar 23 2018 Last Post By: Peter H
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 3

PVCs are ruining my life please help

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Posted Mar 21 2018#1 of 3
AlishacoriUser Since: Mar 2018Posts: 1Hey guys,

I have been suffering from PVCs since my late teens. It started to get bad when I was under a lot of stress in nursing school. I eventually got on an antidepressant because my anxiety and palpitations were so bad. I saw a cardiologist and was diagnosed with occasional PVCs. I was on lexapro for 4 years. At the beginning of last year I noticed I was getting PVCs when my HR went up, especially during exercise or going up the steps. I went to the cardiologist again and did a stress test which showed occasional PVCs during exercise and during recovery phase. I am only 24 years old and have a normal echo with no other known problems. I went from getting occasional PVCs to getting PVCs every time my HR gets above 100z this is ruining my life to the point where I don't want to get out of bed, it's affecting my job, and I am a newlywed and it's affecting my marriage. My doctor put me on 25 mg of atenolol which helps the PVCs a little bit. But I still am getting them. I am trying magnesium supplements with no success. I don't want to be on a beta blocker. My question is how in the heck are these benign when I'm getting them more frequent during exertion and recovery. I have been told PVCs occurring during exercise and recovery increases risk of mortality. I have no idea what is causing them to be more frequent. I am 5'7, 200 lbs and trying to lose more weight. I stopped my lexapro because it wasn't helping me anymore and my PVCs just keep increasing. I am at my wits end, getting to my breaking points where I would just rather die than deal with these things. I wake up every single night with PVCs occurring 3-4 times a minute. My doctor just seems like he doesn't care. I'm terrified I am going to die. When I was younger I was active and had tachycardia with occasional PVCs and it's nowhere as bad then as it is now. Idk if these PVCs are worse because I'm more out of shape and have gained a lot of weight. If anyone has suggestions or advice I would greatly appreciate it. I am so depressed. I went from having 10 PVCs a day to 5,000 and my doctor doesn't seem to care. My PVCs are worsened with exertion. Please help me, I need to work full time to afford my house and car payment. I'm so depressed I just can't go on like this anymore.
Posted Mar 22 2018#2 of 3
Cubsfan3User Since: Apr 2013Posts: 28First, the only value you will get out of your cardiologist is the reassurance that they are not harmful. You must trust him on this. I've been to the ER 3 times and have seen 2 different cardiologists who both said that they were not harmful in any way. They will not go out of their way to figure out the cause. Unfortunately that is up to you. I have had pvcs since 1990 and in 2011 they got really bad. I would have up to 17-18 per minute for a few days straight. You must convince yourself that there is nothing wrong with your heart. That day happened for me about 5 years ago and I rarely get worked up about them anymore. As I type this I am having about 4-5 per minute and I could care less. Do as much research as you can to try and figure out what triggers them. You may never find the answer. Just know that one day they will likely disappear for no reason whatsoever. This happened to me. I had them everyday to some extents for years and then all of a sudden they were gone. They disappeared months. They have since returned but I can care less.
Posted Mar 23 2018#3 of 3
Peter HUser Since: Nov 2017Posts: 12Hi Alishacori. Sorry to hear about your issue. Your doing medication I haven't done and you get PVCs during exercise, which does not happen for me, but I get PVCs similar to how you describe. Mine were a lot worse a six months ago, but I've learned how to "game the system" to reduce them to a minimum, which has given my life back. As a medical professional you can probably appreciate the effect of a healthy diet on physical well being, and that was the key to my success, along with taking magnesium supplements. Below is what I recommend, but I am not a doctor.

You are 5'7" and 200lbs, so that means you are overweight. You should weigh 160lbs.

Eliminate flour, oats, and grain and all flour oat and grain products. Also cut way down on dairy products. Way down. eliminating flour helped for me.

Don't over-eat. Stay hungry.

Get ahold of your gut. Attacking the problem like a gut problem was very effective for me. Eat a little bit of fermented food in the morning (kimchi, a shot of apple cider vinegar, etc) in order to prep your gut for the rest of the day. Get probiotic.

Reduce alcohol and caffeine.

Drink more water.

The kind of magnesium supplement you take matters. Some are worthless, even when they claim to be of the same type. You have to experiment. Douglas Laboratories 400 (100mg mag taurate) is the only pill that worked for me. I tried switching to a 400mg mag taurate pill, thinking more mag taurate would be better, but it didn't work. I take two 100mg pills in the morning, and then one for lunch and one for dinner.

My cardiologist, who is utterly useless, prescribed metroprolol. I have never taken a single pill. However, I DO NOT GET PVCs when I exercise.

Good luck.

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