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UserID: instantlycured Type: CurePVCs Joined: Nov 05 2017
Thread Started: Nov 05 2017 Last Post: Mar 10 2018 Last Post By: Mike 92620
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 6

How I Instantly Cured My PVC’s

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Posted Nov 05 2017#1 of 6
instantlycuredUser Since: Nov 2017Posts: 8In the fall of 2015 I began having a Cardia arrhythmia issue known as PVC’s. This stands for Premature Ventricular Contractions. Feels like your heart skips a beat. When it first began happening last fall it would come on suddenly and get worse quickly where it was occurring every other beat. Very scary. The first time it had progressed to every other beat I called 911 while at a gas station getting gas, but they subsided while talking to 911. Over time they were happening every day. One time in early January of 2016 I was at work and had one of those major episodes and it wouldn’t quit so I went to the emergency room. They admitted me and did a full work up, by then it had subsided but still visible on the EKG. I was not having a good day. After the doctors did all of their tests and monitoring the doctor told me that I was OK and that the PVC’s were benign. Which I knew they were going to say that. Later, my doctor had me wear a 24 hour monitor, then met with him afterward. He said the same thing as the ER doctor, but also told me that they don’t know what causes PVC’s and they don’t have a remedy or treatment. Also said that millions of people have this condition. He then had me schedule a stress test at the hospital and to get another blood sample taken to look at my thyroid.

The day of my stress test I couldn’t find the lab form I was to bring with me to the hospital for the blood sample so went online to my doctor’s website to see if I could log into my account and find the lab form there and print it out. I stumbled on to my annual blood screening report from last October 2015, so I printed it out. I saw there were 2 items, MCV and MCH that indicated “High”. I looked them up on google and found that when these 2 things are high it means you have Low Vitamin B-12. AhHa I said. I wonder if there are symptoms associated with low B-12. So back to Mr. Google I go and found a list of symptoms and one being Cardi Arrhythmia. AhHa again! So now I type into Mr. Google “ PVC’s and Low B-12” I arrived at a forum where a person had posted that they too Had MCV and MCH showing “High” on their blood screening report and that it meant low B-12 and this person had been suffering with PVC’s for some time. They said they took liquid B-12 Supplements and the PVC’s went away very quickly. I had searched the internet for months and never came across anything saying there was a cure accept for now with this one lone article which happened to match my exact situation.

After the stress test I went to the drug store and purchased the Sublingual liquid B-12 I had read about and took it and within a couple of days the PVC’s were cured, that was in February 2016 and it is November 2017 and I’m PVC’s free. Soon After I was cured I had the idea to look in my medical file at home and I had annual blood screening results going back to 2009. Each one shows MCV and MCH as High and I saw that since 2009 the level incremented up each year and it was the Oct. 2015 test result that showed it reached a new high (which means lower B-12) crossing the 100 mark for MCV. The day I had found the forum post about the PVC cure I also researched B-12 deficiency and found an article that said doctors don’t regard low B-12 as important (which must be true, I had low B-12 since 2009 indicated on my blood screening reports and never heard a mention from my doctors) but the article said that Vitamin B-12 is important and if you have low B-12 that you need to do what it takes to get it back up. In fact, If you look up premature ventricular contractions on and look at the list of Possible causes there are many, but in that list there is no mention of low Vitamin B-12. These Are all indicators of how far off the radar the low Vitamin B-12 Deficiency causing PVC’s symptoms are from main stream knowledge.

I was fortunate to find that one lone article on the web that lead me to my PVC remedy and realized that this information needs to be expanded and made more easily found in search on the web and my testimony detailed to inform others who may have the exact condition to make it easy for them to duplicate the steps I took. To think that if I had not found that one single blog post that day that led me to my PVC’s cure that I would still be suffering from them for possibly years to come. Suffering the depression, anxiety, anguish and periodic traumatic episodes one suffers with PVC’s is not a quality life. I hope my efforts creating this post helps many suffers of Premature Ventricular Contractions.

Posted Nov 09 2017#2 of 6
Peter HUser Since: Nov 2017Posts: 3Fascinating read, instantlycured. My experience is nearly identical to yours, with the exception that my MCV and MCH numbers have always been within normal range and I have not tried B-12 for my PVCs. Magnesium Taurate and Potassium Gluconate (and a few dietary changes such as eliminating wheat) did the trick for me. Odd condition. Very surprising to me that doctors are simply at a loss on this one, given how many people out there appear to be afflicted. Glad you found the secret key to your own PVC locker.
Posted Dec 26 2017#3 of 6
Twill2177User Since: Dec 2017Posts: 1Hi my mch says LOW. I don’t know what my Mcv is. I have pvcs and I’m trying to stop them couple months ago I use to purge after every meal so I was probably purging like 5-7 times a day. When I felt my heart flutter I stopped but I still have the skip beats. I never replenish my body afwith electrolytes after I purge I hardly drank water and to make things worse I use to use laxatives at night. I saw cardiologist and did echo and stress test and everything is fine but I still get pvcs I did blood work checked my electrolytes and it came back normal. That’s weird because like I said I never replace my body was electrolytes my magnesium level was normal range and potassium was 4.1 I’m confused I feel like I have an electrolytes imbalance but my blood work says others wise. Do you think it’s accurate or should I see a holistic doctor and redo test?

Posted Feb 16 2018#4 of 6
instantlycuredUser Since: Nov 2017Posts: 8Hi,

I really don't know what might be causing your PVC's. All I know is that I used A Vitamin B12 supplement which was the Sublingual Liquid type that you apply under your tongue with an eye dropper. It was the synthetic type. it cured me. It s worth a try. Ask your doctor first. Good luck, hope you find your cure! I did.
Posted Feb 16 2018#5 of 6
instantlycuredUser Since: Nov 2017Posts: 8Thank you. My cure was like finding a needle in a hay stack. But did. I was a miracle!!!
Posted Mar 10 2018#6 of 6
Mike 92620User Since: Mar 2018Posts: 2I am new here. My experience of stopping PVCs instantly, is eating shaved ice. But PVC will come back after.

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