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UserID: Peter H Type: CurePVCs Joined: Nov 01 2017
Thread Started: Nov 01 2017 Last Post: Nov 01 2017 Last Post By: Peter H
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How I (Mostly) Cured My PVCs with Magnesium Taurate and Dietary Changes

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Posted Nov 01 2017#1 of 1
Peter HUser Since: Nov 2017Posts: 3I'm 47 and my heart began having PVCs six months ago.

The PVCs increased and for four months I began having what I thought were preliminary heart attack symptoms:

1. Dull pain in the chest that would come and go, lasting for 15 minutes to an hour
2. Tingling numbness radiating into my left arm and left leg
3. Very minor pains shooting into my lower jaw
4. Minor flu-like feelings of congestion in the chest, "burning lungs"

I occasionally felt a bit of nausea and a little bit short of breath, but unfortunately, the panic of feeling like you're are about to have heart failure makes you feel nausea and shortness of breath, so it was difficult to tell what was a "real" symptom.

The phone app that measures my heartbeat (Cardiograph) clearly shows the PVCs when they are occurring. An app I downloaded that detects atrial fibrillation (Photo Afib Detector Pro) at first didn't detect anything, but then began showing "Warning Afib Detected" with some regularity, especially when I could feel PVCs occurring. This did not make me feel good!

I'm on an HMO and my Primary Care Physician (PCP) was totally useless. He had no idea what to do. I was repeatedly told: I don't see anything wrong, but call 911 if you feel like you are having heart failure.

I went to the emergency room twice over a four month period, thinking I was about to have heart failure, and was hooked up to an EKG both times. On each occasion I was told nothing was wrong.

Through persistent harassment of my PCP I finally got referred to a cardiologist, who performed:

1. A Running EKG Stress Test
2. Hand-held echo-cardiogram (not a real one, but close)
3. Two Holter monitor tests, one worn for 48hrs and the other for 1 week.
4. A chest x-ray

The cardiologist said he saw the PVCs but did not see any Atrial Fibrillation on any test. He said my heart was sound and he could not see anything wrong with my cardiovascular system. He stepped away from the problem completely. He said the PVCs were "benign" and prescribed metroprolol to calm my heart if I had an "episode" of PVCs.

As everyone who has PVCs knows, they do not feel benign, and can kick off symptoms that feel like cardiac arrest warnings. They also, for me, caused a major decrease in energy levels. I felt like my energy got turned way down once they started.

During all of this time I was reading forums like this one, so I began experimenting with my diet, since that has been successful for others.

Thinking what I had was related to acid reflux, I began attacking the problem as if it were a gastrointestinal problem, not a cardiovascular problem. I also had kind of high cholesterol for some reason, even though I'm 6' and only 175lbs. So my plan was:

1. I began drinking a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar every morning (in water).
2. Elimination of all flour and flour products, grains and grain products, and oats and oat products.
3. Eating healthier and less fatty foods. Fruit smoothies with yogurt for breakfast, chicken and salad for lunch. Lean red meat. Basically a "Paleo" diet.
4. Reducing alcohol and caffeine to minimal levels (1 coffee and 1 drink per day)

By doing the above, I got the PVCs mostly under control. I still had them (especially at night) but I could function. I think acid reflux and the Vagus Nerve (or whatever) is a big part of the problem. My energy levels were better, but still not great.

During this time I also began experimenting with taking Heart Calm (Magnesium, Potassium, and Taurine) three times a day. Heart Calm is roughly 100mg magnesium 33mg Potassium and 333mg Taurine per pill. When I started taking Heart Calm I noticed a big, sudden improvement. PVCs lessened considerably and energy levels went back up.

So I then experimented further by switching over to Magnesium Taurate 400, which per pill is only 100mg magnesium taurate. I took four pills a day, at 8am, 12pm, 4pm, and 8pm. The Magnesium Taurate 400 had the same -- if not more -- improvement over Heart Calm, almost totally eliminating the PVCs.

The daily influx of 400mg magnesium taurate is so good I abandoned the apple cider vinegar without ill effect. I can also drink coffee or tea a couple of times a day, and have even had a few drinks. However, alcohol and caffeine definitely "fan the flames" of PVCs, so I have to watch out! I got drunk a few weeks ago and my chest/heart felt bad for days afterwards.

So to sum up, what has worked for me to almost totally eliminate PVCs and get my energy levels back up:

1. Elimination of all flour and flour products, grains and grain products, and oats and oat products.
2. 100mg magnesium taurate four times a day, for a total of 400mg.
3. Eating healthier and less fatty foods. Fruit smoothies with yogurt for breakfast, chicken and salad for lunch. Lean red meat. Good stuff only!
4. Reducing alcohol and caffeine.

I've considered putting flour/grain/oats back into my diet to see what happens, but once I went off them my bad cholesterol levels went down and I lost weight (back down to 160lbs). Combined with lifting dumb-bells three times a week, people are telling me I don't have a beer belly anymore, so I've left the flour/grain/oats out of my life for a while.

I hope you find what's ailing you. If you are having these things, get back to a stripped-down healthy diet and then start troubleshooting the problem by adding stuff like apple cider vinegar, magnesium, and potassium. Experiment by taking things away, like flour products, grains, and oats. Find your center and stay there when you find it!

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