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UserID: PDakov Type: CurePVCs Joined: Sep 21 2017
Thread Started: Sep 21 2017 Last Post: Nov 09 2017 Last Post By: Peter H
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 3

Aspirin clears PVCs

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Posted Sep 21 2017#1 of 3
PDakovUser Since: Sep 2017Posts: 1I had a period of my life that my PVCs were getting worse from being occasional to happening every 5-6 beats. I had to go for a coronary angiography test. When I was waiting for the test, I was hooked to the monitor and I could see that I was having a PVC in every 4-6 beats. About 1.5 hours later I was lying on the table in the radiology room. My coronaries were injected with the contrast and I was waiting for the doctors to review the films. Then I noticed on the monitor that my heart rhythm was completely normal with no PVCs. My inital thought was "Did the coronary angio did this?". It made no sense! Then it hit me. I was given a big Aspirin just before the procedure. So it had to be the Aspirin.
Aspirin is established to lower mortality if taken in the beginning of a heart attack. And usually the mortality in the first hours of a heart attack comes from heart arrhythmias (ventricular). So it made sense that the Aspirin is clearing PVCs.
I am not sure what is the mechanism of acion. Asprin reduces blood coagulation and in this way improves microcirculation. I guess, improving the microcirculation (on a capillary level) to the cardiac muscle cells is the key to improving eiminating the abnormal impulse discharges. I think this can be partcularly important for older people and for people starting with atherosclerotic changes in their blood vessels.
This happend to me about 6-7 years ago. Since then, I have been taking regualry baby Aspirin and practically have no problem with PVCs if I don't drink too much coffee.
My suggestions is - try it before doing anything else!
Posted Sep 28 2017#2 of 3
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Excellent post PDakov. Thanks very much for the contribution.
Posted Nov 09 2017#3 of 3
Peter HUser Since: Nov 2017Posts: 3Great to hear you found a solution, PDakov. I can tell you that no amount of aspirin had any effect on my PVCs. For me it was dietary changes (eliminating wheat) and 400mg of Magnesium Taurate per day. I've supplemented the MT with 400mg of Potassium Gluconate per day, and have mostly eliminated my own PVCs.

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