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UserID: Keithpvc Type: CurePVCs Joined: Aug 27 2017
Thread Started: Aug 27 2017 Last Post: Aug 27 2017 Last Post By: Keithpvc
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 1

Hi guys ,just to share my story

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Posted Aug 27 2017#1 of 1
KeithpvcUser Since: Aug 2017Posts: 2As a member of the pvc club i have read many forums over the years and this site seems to be one of the most genuine.
My story began 25 yrs ago when a bang in my chest had no effect on me...this may have happened every few weeks or months..until about 10 yrs ago when i had a very big bang and had it cut a long story short..many ER visits..and an increase of PVCs to 1000 per day..not much but when you can feel and notice each single one,it becomes a problem!, made me think that dropping dead was only a matter of time.
5 cardiologist saying just get on with it...numerous tests saying my heart is perfect...and starting beta blockers(metacor) as my first medication....then moving through the cardiologist and changing to calcium channel blocker (verapimil)..until my visit to my last cardiologist ...he told me when i was born that a few cells had moved to the side of my heart that fires/sinus node/ and the only option is the arrythmia vest in Bordeaux or Chigago to pinpoint where an ablation needs to happen..(€15,000)...
But he also gave me as a last resort..a sodium channel blocker ,Tambacor (Flecainide)..
I held off for a long time taking this medication as it was my last hope...even doing well through acceptance and letting the pvcs roam free but had enough of them.
I took the Tambacor ,cardio said 100mg per 12 hours ..or nothing.
Worked a treat...started to eat chocolate and rubbish again and even started to smoke !!!....foolsh i know.
But from 1000 a day to 2 or maybe 3 for the first few weeks and now after 8 weeks i get about 2 at 8am around the time of taking the tablet..and 4 or 5 at 8pm...but my heart has always told me its so hard to change the food and crap we eat..its my last frontier...but Tambacor has eliminated my pvcd during the day and given me a new least of life..with no side effects..
Id love to hesr from anyone else that has experienced Flecainide...and how it impacted their lives and whether they still get pvcs..
Many thanks

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