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UserID: Cl2014 Type: CurePVCs Joined: Jul 24 2017
Thread Started: Jul 24 2017 Last Post: Aug 02 2017 Last Post By: Mnalep
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 3

Thyroid related??

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Posted Jul 24 2017#1 of 3
Cl2014User Since: Jul 2017Posts: 2I have been on 15mg armour thyroid for past 5 years. Developed PACs recently. Does anyone know if there's a correlation between thyroid medication and this condition? Has this happened to anyone else on armour thyroid? I'm hoping it's just caused by anxiety and stress because I can't live without my medication!!
Posted Jul 26 2017#2 of 3
Cl2014User Since: Jul 2017Posts: 2I stopped the armour for 3 days and still had palpitations. Given my propensity to anxiety I think it's probably due to stress.
Posted Aug 02 2017#3 of 3
MnalepUser Since: Aug 2017Posts: 2Hi. Not sure what armor thyroid might result in, but I'm on levothyroxine and I was just reading the side effects, and they list:
"chest pain or pressure or a fast heartbeat a heartbeat that does not feel normal".
This sounds like a tachycardia or an arrhythmia to me. I am going to see my thyroid doctor and ask him if Levothyroxine could result in PVCs. Or even my hypothyroidism.

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