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UserID: TheLegend27 Type: CurePVCs Joined: Apr 02 2017
Thread Started: Apr 02 2017 Last Post: Apr 02 2017 Last Post By: TheLegend27
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Atrial Fibrillation After Vomiting

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Posted Apr 02 2017#1 of 1
TheLegend27User Since: Apr 2017Posts: 3im a 25 year old male, i have years of experience with PVC's and heart palpitations, but 2 years ago i went out to drink with some friends, i drank too much and i vomitted, immediatly following the vomitting my heart went out of rhythm, my heart rate was high and my heart was flopping all around in my chest, i was right next door to a hospital so i went there and found out i was in afib, i spent 3 days there getting tests done and being monitored and after having a echocardiogram, chest xray, blood work, and monitored on ekg for 3 days i was told i have a healthy heart, well fast forward to 2 years later, i got heart burn which caused me to vomit again, and once again i was in afib, went to the er had the same tests done and stayed for 2 days and was told the same thing. so i had a follow up with my primary care doctor who told me that its a very treatable condition and that i shouldnt worry so much, he himself has SVT so he related to me on some level. my question is what can i do? and am i in any danger? the doctors and cardiologit doesnt seem to think so, they even said theres no need to treat me for anything until it happens. thanks in advance for any replies.

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