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UserID: coleflag Type: CurePVCs Joined: Feb 24 2017
Thread Started: Feb 24 2017 Last Post: Apr 02 2017 Last Post By: TheLegend27
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 2

Does anyone have chest pain that correlates to the PVC?

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Posted Feb 24 2017#1 of 2
coleflagUser Since: Feb 2017Posts: 1Hello- I have been diagnosed with PVC's- however an rather new symptom was chest pain. I started noticing it more when I would go up the stairs and was maybe talking at the same time.....sometimes in the initial stages of exercising. I went to the cardiologist and did a stress test, during the stress test I had chest pains and they said that the pains correlated to the PVC's on the screen. Anyone else experience this. Also the pains seem to start when I lay down or bend down.

Posted Apr 02 2017#2 of 2
TheLegend27User Since: Apr 2017Posts: 3ive had pvc's for a long time, im a 25 year old male, and sometimes when i have one it feels like someone pokes my heart and it very mildly hurts. if your whole chest is hurting im not too sure what to say because i havent experienced this. however the doctors has seen them on the monitor as it happened so if it was anything serious they would have seen it im guessing. if you feel concerned just go for more tests, there are plenty of test available for this sort of thing.

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