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UserID: Laneman Type: CurePVCs Joined: Oct 17 2016
Thread Started: Oct 23 2016 Last Post: Oct 23 2016 Last Post By: Laneman
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 1

I think we all have malabsorption of nutrients

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Posted Oct 23 2016#1 of 1
LanemanUser Since: Oct 2016Posts: 3Thank you all for posting, I am already feeling better after only one week. The potassium gluconate and magnesium are helping, seems like the B-12 spray also helps. Long term I am researching why I need increased doses of these supplements. I think the underlying cause is malabsorption of nutrients. I plan to add a regimen of dietary changes that address this. For me, I am adding digestive enzymes, raw garlic, and possibly Bragg's apple cider vinegar. Just my two cents. I also had to do a radical diet change due to mold exposure. The diet includes no milk, cheese or bread, which seems to be helping the pvc's. It was hard to give up milk, but I have discovered that almond mild is a tasty substitute. Get well everyone


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