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UserID: RedQueen Type: CurePVCs Joined: Sep 08 2016
Thread Started: Sep 08 2016 Last Post: Sep 11 2016 Last Post By: Shady lady
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 2

PVC's which started after virus

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Posted Sep 08 2016#1 of 2
RedQueenUser Since: Sep 2016Posts: 1Hello all!
Just curious if any of you have heard of such a thing or experienced a similar situation. My 18month old daughter got sick with coxsackie virus (hand foot and mouth) and I ended up catching it from her. It is about the worst thing ever, 2 days of extreme fever, body aches, tonsillitis, open sores on the back of your throat, and itchy tingly blisters on your hands and feet. So anyway, after the two days of fever I noticed my PVC's started. I never had them before in my life and I was extreamly distraught. I thought they were a fluke but they have persisted since the virus first hit me. I went to the cardiologist got an echo, ekg, and 24 hour holter. I had quite a few PVCs but only about 2,500 or so. I absolutely hate the feeling of these and pray they go away everyday. I started taking emergen-c as suggested by a website online and have noticed the PVC's becoming less "thumpy" but they are still there. Anyone ever heard of a situation like mine? I hope that my heart will recover and go back to normal.
Posted Sep 11 2016#2 of 2
Shady ladyUser Since: Nov 2014Posts: 11Hi there.

My PVC's started after the death of my cat....well.....that's when I first started noticing them anyway. That was over 4 yrs ago now.
I do know that when I've been ill, mine get a lot worse.
I hate to admit it but mine have never gone away completely and at the moment I'm going into bigeminy rhythm every time I'm up and about.
I'm 37 weeks pregnant and hoping its maybe hormonal.
Hope you get relief soon, they are horrible to live with! xxxx

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