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UserID: engineerksa Type: CurePVCs Joined: Aug 16 2016
Thread Started: Aug 16 2016 Last Post: Aug 16 2016 Last Post By: engineerksa
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Posted Aug 16 2016#1 of 1
engineerksaUser Since: Aug 2016Posts: 2Hellow Liz,
I am Muhammad 30 year old I have the same problem I consult 2 cardiologist and they did for me all the tests I have no heart problem but still I have PVC's I am using tablets called concore 2.5 MG my PVCs are stopped but when I stop using these tablets it begin again kindly help me how I can get rid of this and for your information I am not eating processed foods and from more than 2 year I am not drinking any coffin contain dranks I am just eating vegetable and natural fruits etc..

I will be waiting for your reply please help me.

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