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UserID: summit Type: CurePVCs Joined: Jul 22 2016
Thread Started: Jul 22 2016 Last Post: Sep 20 2016 Last Post By: Cubsfan3
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 4

Beet Root

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Posted Jul 22 2016#1 of 4
summitUser Since: Jul 2016Posts: 1A few years ago I started feeling what turned out to be PVC's. Since this started I've had stretches of days when I didn't feel them and I've had days where I could have up to several per minute.

I've tried magnesium, coconut water, taurine, l-carnatine, tums, and maybe some other things. Nothing really ever stopped them or conclusively changed their pattern. I felt like tums did more than anything.

A few months ago I had a gout flare up, which I get from time to time. I was researching natural ways to control uric acid levels and one of the things I came across was beet root. I also noticed that beet root is recommended for high blood pressure which I have as well. So I started taking 2 500mg capsules per morning.

First of all, It has lowered my blood pressure considerably. Then I one day it hit me that I hadn't felt a pvc in a while. It's been several weeks now and I can't think of the last time I felt one. This is for sure a change in my experience with them. It used to be that I'd wake up every morning and just wait for them to start. Nothing happens now.

Maybe there has been posts about this already and it's common knowledge, but I've never heard of it and I've done a lot of searching for remedies. I'm curious to know if anyone else has had a similar experience. For the first time since I started getting these I feel like they may actually be gone. Hopefully it continues and more hopefully this can help someone else.
Posted Jul 24 2016#2 of 4
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Thanks Summit for sharing this. It's a very interesting angle.

I have hated beetroot all my life, yet strangely, I recently changed and have even decided to grow some in my allotment. This could be a breakthrough, so thanks for the heads up.
Posted Sep 18 2016#3 of 4
nordmanUser Since: Sep 2016Posts: 2Hi Summit,

From my reading (check google), beetroot is a good source of potassium.

If you check the threads here, a lot of people seem to use potassium to slow or stop their PVCs.


Posted Sep 20 2016#4 of 4
Cubsfan3User Since: Apr 2013Posts: 28Coconut water is also a GREAT source of potassium.

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