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UserID: allygirl64 Type: CurePVCs Joined: Dec 12 2015
Thread Started: Dec 12 2015 Last Post: Dec 14 2015 Last Post By: PVCMan
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 3

PVC's are disrupting my life

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Posted Dec 12 2015#1 of 3
allygirl64User Since: Dec 2015Posts: 1About 3 months ago, I was experiencing fluttering in my heart, and at that point it was very intermittent. It has increasingly worsened, and have been to the doctor, went through a battery of tests with no answers....Mine are usually in couplets for minutes to takes my breath away at times, and tires me out. Is fatigue possibly one of the causes? I am on Metoprolol 25mg twice daily, but it hasn't stopped them...I would appreciate any other suggestions from fellow sufferers..

Thank you,
Posted Dec 14 2015#2 of 3
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Welcome Ally,

When mine started back in the late 1990's, it was very similar to what you described. The best analogy I could come up with was the feeling of weightlessness or G-force like you get on a roller coaster.

I found no success at all with anything the doctor prescribed. But the truth is, because PVCs are typically benign, I don't think the medical industry pays enough attention to the problem.

I appreciate everyone is different, but I all but proved mine were the result of heartburn and other forms of gastric problems. I do think the most common cause is electrolyte imbalances, but what the medical industry doesn't seem to address is why such imbalances occur. I also think that a blood test doesn't always prove anything, because electrolytes such as magnesium, are not just in the blood, but in the whole body and even bones. So electrolytes only measured in the blood could change from one hour to the next.

For me, I improved digestive issues using Apple Cider Vinegar (which in itself has magnesium). I also got fit with lots of swimming and cycling. It took a while, but I eventually reduced my PVCs to a point that if I didn't already know what PVCs were, I wouldn't have noticed them.

If you haven't already done so, give [[lnk]] href=""[[lnknme]]My Story[[/lnknme]][[/lnk]] a read.

Posted Dec 14 2015#3 of 3
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Sorry, the link facility doesn't seem to be working. Just copy and past:


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