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UserID: SteveDallas Type: CurePVCs Joined: Jul 16 2015
Thread Started: Jul 16 2015 Last Post: Jul 16 2015 Last Post By: SteveDallas
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Looking for options

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Posted Jul 16 2015#1 of 1
SteveDallasUser Since: Jul 2015Posts: 1I am 59, and been suffering from PVC's for about the last 25 years. Up until now they were pretty manageable. But about 2 years ago at age 57 they started to really kick in. I'm dropping about 30% of my heart beats or almost 40K beats per day. I've tried ablation at the two best places near by, Columbia in New York, and Brigham in Boston. I've been told that both the traditional invasive catheter and the pericardium approach will not because of the location of the problem being too close to the coronary artery. So there is not a lot I can do. I'm open for anything.

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