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UserID: Jahealy Type: CurePVCs Joined: Feb 24 2015
Thread Started: Feb 24 2015 Last Post: May 09 2015 Last Post By: alfy12
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 6

New to having pvcs

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Posted Feb 24 2015#1 of 6
JahealyUser Since: Feb 2015Posts: 1Hi I was recently diagnosed with pvcs and put on beta blockers . I've had them for almost a week now. I'm over weight, smoke, and have an ok diet. I'm trying to change all of those things now. I have anxiety attacks frequently. Can anyone give me any insight as to how to help control them? I have a really hard time with them at night when I'm trying to go to sleep.
Posted Feb 24 2015#2 of 6
LisaGHUser Since: Sep 2014Posts: 30Hi Jahealy ~

Welcome to our group. I'm so sorry you have to deal with pvcs. I've had them for almost a year now, and unfortunately nothing makes them go away. I would suggest reading through the different Discussions here, which is what I did when I first joined this website. It helped a lot in just seeing that there are so many others also dealing with these (I'm not alone), and a lot of folks have tried various things (apple cider vinegar, magnesium, various vitamins, etc)....for some it worked, and for others it didn't. In my personal experience, I've tried so many different attempts at trying to figure out WHY i'm getting them -- because to me, if I find out the why, then I can see how to stop them. But to no avail....i've tracked and changed my diet, my activity level, my stress level...and still, no answers as to why. I haven't tried any of the ideas posted here, although I have wanted to. I wanted to ask my doctor first, just to get his opinion, since other than these pvcs, i'm pretty healthy. He didn't think trying any of the vitamins or supplements would help, since my levels for all of them are in the normal range. My BP runs low, so I was afraid to try to dabble with magnesium on my own. My doctor, and my cardiologist both told me that my pvcs were nothing to be worried about....easier said than done though, when you have to feel them on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I don't have any answers for you, but am here to listen and share experiences, as most folks here are. I cannot tell you how comforting it is to just come here and talk to others about the pvcs. It really helps since these folks understand what I'm going through. I hope your situation improves and you find the thing that works for you to end your pvcs.

Warm Regards,
Posted Feb 24 2015#3 of 6
KrissyDUser Since: Jan 2015Posts: 5Hello! I've had anxiety disorder since I was a child. I started developing pvcs 10 years ago and recently got diagnosed. My doctor did say people with anxiety disorder seem to develop pvcs or pacs the second or third decade of their lives. It could be years of the heart being pumped with adrenaline. I think all the things you are doing to get back on track with your health will bring some relief in no time at all. Work on your anxiety. That will surely help lower your fears and pvcs. Keep your head up!

Posted Mar 16 2015#4 of 6
Ireland1User Since: Sep 2013Posts: 3I use Liquid Magnesium from Life Solutions. I get it on the internet. It is about 32 dollars a bottle and I take 3 tsps a day and it has worked wonders for me with the PVC's.
Posted May 08 2015#5 of 6
BrennanCalderonUser Since: May 2015Posts: 1Read here about PVC's
Posted May 09 2015#6 of 6
alfy12User Since: Oct 2013Posts: 22Hi Jahealy,
I've had Pvcs for 28 years and recently in the 10000+ region per 24 hours. The first thing I will say is that stress and anxiety are bad for pvcs. If you've had all the tests and are diagnosed as benign, don't stress. Benign pvcs are common and won't kill you. A few things I would suggest. No smoking, limit caffeine, no alcohol and don't eat large meals. Small meals more often works wonders. Exercise is important to improve your mood and keep arrhythmia under control. If you suffer from any gastrointestinal problems, get this under control.

I found my pvcs are bad when my blood pressure is low so make sure you drink plenty of water.

I have been to the ER so many times I've lost count, tried different beta blockers, calcium channel blockers and now Flecainide which is not the preferred option. The only reason I'm on Flecainide is because my pvc count is so high. A high number of pvcs per 24 hours over a long time can lead to cardiomyopathy. I've gotten over the anxiety. My cardiologist put me on anti anxiety medication a year ago but this made the pvcs worse. The ssri I was on is known to increase QTc intervals which is bad if you have arrhythmia.

As I said, relax. I tried magnesium and this does work to an extent. Check with your GP before taking anything. Get you bloodwork checked for any deficiency especially Magnesium and Potassium.

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