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UserID: Matte5738 Type: CurePVCs Joined: Dec 29 2014
Thread Started: Dec 29 2014 Last Post: Jan 05 2015 Last Post By: Matte5738
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 7

Pvc storms in a row

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Posted Dec 29 2014#1 of 7
Matte5738User Since: Dec 2014Posts: 4Hello everyone I am new to the site I was diagnosed with pvcs about 2 years ago been trying to cope with em but seems like they get worse, does anyone have what I call pvc storms I'll be setting in the chair resting right after I eat and I'll have pvcs 1 right after another for 6 or 7 times then they just go away I went to the heart doc and had the stress test echo and all of the above and he said they we're beign but still worries me. Any help thanks
Posted Jan 01 2015#2 of 7
LisaGHUser Since: Sep 2014Posts: 30Hi Matte5738 ~ The pvcs that I experience, that I can feel, don't usually come one right after another. The closest thing that I can relate to is one night I had one with every ninth beat. This went on for several minutes, on and off, for at least an hour or so. This never happened to me, and it scared the heck out of me. It was about 2 am, and I was ready to take myself to the ER. Luckily, after pacing around my house for close to two hours, they seems to diminish. My biggest wish is that I could figure out what triggers the pvcs in the first place so that I can put an end to them! Good luck, and welcome to the gang of support here.
Posted Jan 02 2015#3 of 7
cpc976User Since: Jan 2015Posts: 1Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and so not worth it. I have had PVC's for over 10 years. I go through what you call "storms", but know they will pass. Mine all started with a potassium deficiency. It caused my heart to go in an irregular rhythm, thought I was having a heart attach. Normal K level is 3.5-5.3 , mine was 2.6. It took a week on iV potassium drip to stabilize it. And that is when the PVC's started. I went weeks in bigeminy and trigeminy. I can have PVC episodes for months and then they are gone for months. Have been to 4 cardiologist and 3 electro-cardiologist, all of which say they are benign, everyone has them and I'm just hyper sensitive to them. And I reply if you had them every other beat and a headache that could kill a horse you would be sensitive too. I just learn to deal with it.

Posted Jan 02 2015#4 of 7
LisaGHUser Since: Sep 2014Posts: 30CPC976 ~

Tank you for sharing your story. I can't speak for others, but for me, it is a huge help to me to hear that others go through the same battle with pvcs. On the other hand, I feel terrible that you (and others) have to go through them, but glad you are willing to share your experiences.

Isn't it odd that the pvc's can be around for awhile and then go away for weeks or months? This hasn't happened to me yet, but you aren't the first to say that this has happened to them. I guess I just find it baffling, as I strongly believe that the pvcs are triggered by "something", and when they go away, I wonder what did that person do or change in their life, that made them go away....and then the same question comes into play when they come back!

I just started experiencing my own personal pvc hell in early 2014. All of a sudden, bam! I was having pvcs. Once I figured out what they were, I could not understand how they just showed up all of a sudden. I did not change anything in my lifestyle, so I've started to chalk it up to the fact that people's bodies change, and maybe that is what happened to me. Still trying to figure out how to make my pvcs GO AWAY!
Posted Jan 04 2015#5 of 7
Matte5738User Since: Dec 2014Posts: 4Thanks everyone for your replays getting on here really does seem to help with the mind but I am trying to find what is causing these stupid little thumps and flip flops and I am getting closer to it here's kinda of my story I am a big time trap shooter and one night at the range my heart did a huge thump scared me to death ended up going to the doc he did all the test said they were beign so that being said they went away for about 2 weeks them bam back again and worse so just a couple days ago I took a real bad cold did have no meds here but has some vitiuimns in the cabniet so I started taking them guess what in 2 days pvcs were almost gone cold was worse went to the doctor got a shot and infection meds then had a few thumps again start the infection meds and no pvcs for 2 days what in the world I keep asking my self but I am at this point convinced that my vitiuimns are helping with pvcs I'll keep posting to let you know how it goes the longer I take em
Posted Jan 05 2015#6 of 7
DocphilUser Since: Jan 2015Posts: 7Matt,

Thanks for sharing your story! Which vitamines are you taking a the moment? Btw, my doctor says having a cold or a bronchitis may cause for PVC'S to get worse during the illness.


Posted Jan 05 2015#7 of 7
Matte5738User Since: Dec 2014Posts: 4Well my I thought the same thing about having a cold that the pvcs would be worse but mines not, there called opti men multi vitiuimns and I am by no means promote ing these cause I don't wanna get in trouble I use to be a hardcore body builder untill I got married then I stopped but you can buy them on bodybuilding .com there really great they don't leave no taste in ur mouth and they don't belch u like some that I have taken does

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