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UserID: SuzLin Type: CurePVCs Joined: Dec 19 2014
Thread Started: Dec 19 2014 Last Post: Dec 19 2014 Last Post By: SuzLin
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 1

Where do PVCs come from?? New here

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Posted Dec 19 2014#1 of 1
SuzLinUser Since: Dec 2014Posts: 4I just started having PVCs (that I can feel) about 3 months ago. Where the heck did they come from?? I wonder if I've had them for awhile, but only just started to feel them. I wore a holter and the doc said I had "several" singles, 34 bigems and, 3 trigems. She told me not to worry unless I have other symptoms. Problem is, I'll get a chest pain or arm pain and panic! I also struggle with acid reflux and have Celiac disease. Sometimes I can't help but this this is all connected!

I will say that when I get a bad run of them I try breathing through it. I also read about valsalva(?). I can't remember the spelling, but basically you plug your nose and close your mouth and blow out as hard as you can. It seems to work for me. I am undecided on magnesium. It does not seem to make a difference.

Does anyone else have any other symptoms (chest pain) or chronic inflammation or digestive disorders?)

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