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UserID: LisaGH Type: CurePVCs Joined: Sep 09 2014
Thread Started: Dec 15 2014 Last Post: Dec 27 2014 Last Post By: LisaGH
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 10

Fairly new to story....any tried advice more than welcome.

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Posted Dec 15 2014#1 of 10
LisaGHUser Since: Sep 2014Posts: 30Hi all ~ This website has been such a reassuring blessing to have no idea. I'm a 46 year old overall healthy individual. I'm fairly active and eat well. Until the pvc's started earlier this year, I've honestly never had any serious medical issue (of which I'm grateful). When my episodes started (around May 2014) I couldn't figure out if the flutter was my stomach or my heart. I've had stomach issues for years, although nothing that my doctor ever put me on meds for. Years ago, my gastro told me that I am borderline for IBS, but not enough for meds. When I was a kid (grammar school), I remember living on pepto bismol. As an adult, I've spent several months on and off, living on Gas-X. So when the fluttering started, my first thought was that it was my stomach. Went to my gastro, who do an endoscopy. Results - I'm perfectly normal other than a hiatal hernia, which he said isn't anything to worry about. The fluttering continued. So I went to my primary dr., and thankfully it was a bad fluttering day and he actually heard the skipped beat and then immediately did an EKG. I then had a 24 hour holter. Long story short, primary dr diagnosed pvcs, told me they were nothing to worry about and try to ignore them. MUCH easier said than done. He sent me to a cardio, for my own peace of mind. Cardiologist did a thorough exam, detailed history, and a stress test of which I passed. He too said that they are nothing to worry about. Again, easier said than done. I've cried myself to sleep numerous nights in such fear and frustration that I can't figure out how to stop the pvcs. I've often gone to sleep wondering if I'll wake up. I'm afraid to go places too far from civilization (like hiking in the mountains) for fear that I'll have an episode that's so bad I need to go to a hospital, but there isn't one around for miles. I worry about being alone. Now that I know what they are, I want to know what is causing them, so that I can stop them. Knowing what they are and just leaving them be is not an answer to me. Why don't doctor's try to figure out what causes them. I've tried to do this myself with various diet restrictions, logs, etc. to no avail.

I've read almost every post on this page and most of the threads. The best thing about this website is that I know I'm not alone and that it seems like everyone else is being told the same thing - don't worry about them and try to move on. The other wonderful thing is to be able to read what people have tried to stop their pvcs. Other than the pvcman, I haven't read anyone who has had success with the ACV. Can anyone comment?

I've done more research about these pvcs than I care to mention, and the common theme that I've seen are (1) many people with pvcs also have some sort of stomach/gasto issue (2) the most common things people are trying to eliminate the pvcs is ACV, magnesium supplements, potassium supplements, aspirin supplements or any combination of these three. I'm going to try some of these to see if I can gain any relief. I cannot live with these for the rest of my life - it's no way to live.

Thank you all for listening, and for sharing your stories. I look forward to continued posts and threads from you all.
Posted Dec 17 2014#2 of 10
walker1742User Since: Dec 2014Posts: 5Have you tried cutting out all sugar and fruits?
Posted Dec 18 2014#3 of 10
LisaGHUser Since: Sep 2014Posts: 30Hi ~ Thanks for your reply. I am allergic to fruit, so I don't eat any of it. As for sugar, I've eliminated nearly all of it about five years ago. I do have a piece of chocolate or a cookie here or there, but otherwise no sugar in my diet, only natural sugar that may be in some foods.

Posted Dec 18 2014#4 of 10
Shady ladyUser Since: Nov 2014Posts: 11Hi Lisa! ?
I'm sorry you are having to go through the hell of PVC's! They truly are annoying!
But they are just that! Annoying! They won't hurt you and I say that because mine have been terrible and I'm still here alive and kicking!
My fourth baby is now 16 weeks old, and during my pregnancy my PVC's decided to make a swift exit!
But now they are gradually making a comeback!
I've no idea why they come and go, I've tried every remedy going but nothing makes a difference.
Oh apart from Taurine, that helped a little when my PVC's were at thier worst!
I do think that the monthly cycle can have an effect! Before my period they can really get going.
I hope you find the magic cure and if you do please let me know!! Lol!
Take care! xx
Posted Dec 18 2014#5 of 10
Shady ladyUser Since: Nov 2014Posts: 11I don't know where that ? came from!! Lol! ?
Posted Dec 18 2014#6 of 10
walker1742User Since: Dec 2014Posts: 5Lisa, also when I had trouble with my pvcs I started taking l-arginine. This is an amino acid that increases nitric oxide in the bloodstream. It will not hurt you and is safe to take. I really think you should consider this. Until I found out that my problem was too much sugar it brought me a lot of relief. Keep in touch and let me know how it goes.

Posted Dec 20 2014#7 of 10
SuzLinUser Since: Dec 2014Posts: 4I had started a new thread, but think I will respond to yours. YOUR story could be MY story, except I'm 34 years old. I too have GI issues (celiac disease). The PVCs didn't start until after I thought I had celiac under control. However, I still have episodes of symptoms so I've either been getting secretly glutened or I'm not 100% since going gluten free. Anyway, I feel your pain. I was having a bad run of them and didn't want to go on a road trip out of fear of being far from a hospital. It's no way to live! This morning I was thinking "if my days ARE numbered, do I want to live them in fear??" However, like most people I am told not to worry about them. I was told to worry if they became symptomatic. This too is scary because then I think "is this a symptom or not??" The first couple bad episodes I had I also got dizzy. I don't know if that was from the PCV or from the PVC + panic. I try to ignore them as best I can now. Earlier today I was watching my kids play and doing my make-up. I had a series of them and was distracted enough that I kind of said "oh..I just had one. Ok, that wasn't too bad." I take magnesium and 81 mg per day of aspirin (the aspirin is for another health issue). I don't see how aspirin would help other than the placebo effect (you think an aspirin will save you in the event of a heart attack, so you don't panic as much). I cut out caffeine 100% and since don't feel as many. I am probably still getting them, but they aren't the series of them like I used to get. My 48-hour holter picked up 34 bigems and 3 trigems. It also picked up several singles, but the doc didn't tell me how many. I think cutting out stress and caffeine are good starting points. I have always done yoga, but added in meditation last week.
Posted Dec 23 2014#8 of 10
LisaGHUser Since: Sep 2014Posts: 30Hi Shady Lady!

Thank you for your post! It is nice to hear from someone who is in the same boat. I appreciate it more than you know. The more I research these nasty buggers (pvcs), the more I feel that there is definitely a trigger that brings them on, however the trigger and the cure appears to be very individual. Sigh :( I'll keep looking and hopefully someone will be able to find something to help us all. I think the most frustrating thing for me is the fact that both my primary doctor and my cardiologist both told me to just try ignoring them and go on with life. I'm a fact based person, so I want to know WHY they are happening, and it's frustrating to me that they aren't concerned with the 'why'. Once they determined that they were pvc's and nothing more serious, they weren't concerned with the why.

Best wishes to you and your little ones. Happy Holidays.

Posted Dec 23 2014#9 of 10
LisaGHUser Since: Sep 2014Posts: 30Hi Walker1742 ~ Thanks for the suggestion. I will certainly look into l-arginine!


Posted Dec 27 2014#10 of 10
LisaGHUser Since: Sep 2014Posts: 30Hi SuzLin ~

Thank you for your post. As I've said before, it is SO helpful to me to hear other people's stories. Although I'm sorry that you are dealing with pvcs, please know that sharing your story truly helps me to know that I'm not alone. I can relate to so much of what you said. My 24 hour Holter monitor picked up about 1,924 single pvcs...which totally scared me because I do feel tons of them and thought I was only having a few hundred a day. The results showed me that I was having many more than I thought, and it also showed me that I was having them while I slept (which I was hoping I didn't). My percentage of pvc's, was 2% in 24 hours. My doctor told me it wasn't enough to worry about, especially since he also did an echo cardiogram and a stress test which showed that my heart was functioning normally and is healthy. So of course I asked him when I should worry. He said that when the pvc's reach 10% of total beats in 24 hours. That made me feel better, but also made me fear that my pvc's could increase to a higher percentage. I can't stand how they feel now, so I can't imagine having so many more. Regardless, I am trying to focus on living life, albeit it hard. I do notice that I seem to have good days (not a lot of pvc's that I can feel) and bad days. When I'm having a good day, I try to acknowledge it and make sure I enjoy the day. But on the bad days, it totally takes over my life. I can't understand how one day I can feel so good, with very few pvcs, and then the next day have so many. It makes no sense to me, and I am determined to find the trigger. I honestly believe that if I can find the trigger of the pvcs, then I can work towards eliminating the triggers , thus eliminating the pvcs. I hope you are doing well and living every day to its fullest.

Take care,

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