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UserID: walker1742 Type: CurePVCs Joined: Dec 03 2014
Thread Started: Dec 11 2014 Last Post: Dec 11 2014 Last Post By: walker1742
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 1

uric acid and pvcs

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Posted Dec 11 2014#1 of 1
walker1742User Since: Dec 2014Posts: 5Fructose ( which we get from fruit ) and sugar when they dissolve and enter our bloodstream turn into uric acid. Uric acid depletes our nitric oxide levels in our bloodstream through all the research I've done this is true. This is why I stopped eating fruit and sugar. Since I have done this my pvcs are gone. I had more time to explain this today. If you need it also try arginine. This is an amino acid that when dissolved and enters the bloodstream it turns into nitric oxide. I repeat I had pvcs for eight years. They worsened every year for eight years. I work out three plus days a week for the last eleven years and couldn't understand why I was having the pvcs. I now bowl three days a week and work out three days a week and I feel great! Get rid of the sugar!!!!!Good luck to all. Give it a try for one month. You will not die without fruit and sugar for one month I promise you. I'm not dead yet and I feel great. I still get my fruit when I eat tomatoes in my salad. Eat more vegetables they're better for you anyway. Happy holidays and have a great day!

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