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UserID: Shady lady Type: CurePVCs Joined: Nov 19 2014
Thread Started: Nov 19 2014 Last Post: Feb 23 2015 Last Post By: Kirsten
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 12

PVC's are back!!

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Posted Feb 21 2015#11 of 12
Shady ladyUser Since: Nov 2014Posts: 11Seems those question marks are from when I try to post a smiley
Posted Feb 23 2015#12 of 12
KirstenUser Since: Feb 2015Posts: 3

Hi Kirsten,
No I've not tried beta blockers, but that is because I have a slow heart rate in the mid 40's sometimes!
I wouldn't want to make it any
I also have GAD too! Not a nice thing to live with but you have to soldier on.
Yes, I do agree that anxiety can make PVC's worse so I try my best to keep it under control!
All the best

Sally. ??

Tnx Sally. I'm just amazed doctors have no cure

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