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UserID: redkat Type: CurePVCs Joined: Nov 12 2014
Thread Started: Nov 12 2014 Last Post: Sep 08 2016 Last Post By: wmnwmn
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 7

My left eyelid keeps twitching

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Posted Nov 12 2014#1 of 7
redkatUser Since: Nov 2014Posts: 4My left eyelid keeps twitching. like an involuntary nervous twitch. Does anyone else get this? I've heard other PVC sufferers say that they have this. Is there a link do we think?
Posted Feb 27 2015#2 of 7
Poul Friang OlsenUser Since: Feb 2015Posts: 9I have alot of ekstra beats everyday, and i had eyelid twitching until 7 days ago, when i started to take magnesium, havent had them since
Posted Feb 27 2015#3 of 7
LisaGHUser Since: Sep 2014Posts: 30redkat ~ I just read your post and couldn't believe it. I was diagnosed with pvc's in August of last year, and the past two weeks my left eye twitches like crazy. I thought it was related to the fact that I work on a computer all day long....but then i started to think...does this have any relation to my pvcs?!

poul ~ Thanks for sharing that you too had them but that magnesium helped.

Posted Feb 28 2015#4 of 7
DocphilUser Since: Jan 2015Posts: 7Hi,

The eye twitching sounds very familiar. When my pvc's are acting up it almost always comes hand in hand with twitches.
Posted Oct 21 2015#5 of 7
ScottyAUser Since: Oct 2015Posts: 3I too get a twitch in my lower left eye, i only have to touch my eye lid and it sets it off or even yawning can do it. Ive had a skipping heart beat since March. Does anyone else find touching the eyelid sets it off or anything else? Im glad i found this site.
Posted Aug 17 2016#6 of 7
siebennyUser Since: Aug 2016Posts: 1Hi all,

I have also experienced an eyelid twitch for about a week, this happened maybe six months before I had my first intense bout of PVCs, I am convinced that the eye twitches were related to exhaustion and lack of sleep as I was very busy - working early mornings - when the eye twitch came on, however magnesium deficiency may have been contributing too.



Posted Sep 08 2016#7 of 7
wmnwmnUser Since: Sep 2016Posts: 1I get that too. I tend to get the pvcs and twitches along with fatigue, in spells with no apparent trigger. I rarely get a cold or flu so my hypothesis has been that my body is successfully fighting off the virus, but the result is fatigue, pvcs etc.

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