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UserID: redkat Type: CurePVCs Joined: Nov 12 2014
Thread Started: Nov 12 2014 Last Post: Nov 12 2014 Last Post By: redkat
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My story

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Posted Nov 12 2014#1 of 1
redkatUser Since: Nov 2014Posts: 4We all seem to have the same things in common but we cant quite seem to put our finger on exactly what is causing the issue of PVC's. I've been on a PPI for about 12 years without any issues but around April I started having PVC's completely out of the blue. I too went to my GP and got the usual "they're harmless" approach. However, I wouldn't take no for an answer and I was referred at my insistence to my local hospital where i saw an arrhythmia specialist nurse, who again told me not to worry. I have about 50-60 per day. Again, I felt that something wasn't right as i had researched that PVC's can often be caused by lack of oxygen to the heart and continued my own search. I tried everything cutting out caffeine, low fat diet, weight-loss, beta blockers, ramapril, all to no avail. I kept hounding my GP and eventually just to shut me up he arranged for me to see a Cardiologist, whom i pressed for a CT angiogram. I had had MANY previous normal ECG's but whilst i was in his office my ECG started to show a biphasic T wave in lead AVF and an inverted T wave in lead III. These two leads show changes specifically to the inferior wall of the ventricle which is supplied by the RCA (right coronary artery) which leads to the PDA (posterior descending artery) The RCA of course also supplies blood to the Sinus Node. The Sinus Node is responsible for the regulation of your heart rhythm. I am due to find out the results today or tomorrow from the CT angiogram to check for blockages and I will keep you informed but I expect to find stenosis in that artery. I guess what I'm trying to say is don't always settle for this perceived current medical wisdom that PVC's are harmless. Most of the tests I had like previous ECG's, treadmill tests, echo's in the early instances of my PVC's showed nothing but i persevered and managed to get a CT angiogram. Now, depending on the outcome, if my RCA has a narrowing and they open it up with a stent, i should be able to report back to you if that cures my PVC's. Its just a hunch but i feel pretty confident that I'm right that PVC's are caused by Ischemia but it wont always show on basic testing. It also means that people can live with ischemia for years without it necessarily killing them . These PVC's are scary but don't let that stun you into silence. search for your own answers and don't be frightened to question the medical professionals because the truth is when it comes to PVC's, even they don't know!

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