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UserID: Tina Renee Type: Facebook Joined: Oct 18 2014
Thread Started: Oct 18 2014 Last Post: Dec 05 2014 Last Post By: ErininSingapore
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Loop Monitor

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Posted Oct 18 2014#1 of 3
Tina ReneeUser Since: Oct 2014Posts: 1My new EP suggested a Loop Monitor be placed for 3yrs to get a better understanding of what exactly .Y heart is doing and how often.
HE anyone had any experience going this route?
Posted Oct 22 2014#2 of 3
ericyabroUser Since: Oct 2013Posts: 15Hi Tina, I'm not familiar with a loop monitor but what symptoms do you have?? I can't imagine a monitor being needed for 3 yrs to see what your heart is doing but then again I'm not a Dr.

After having PAC/PVC's for over 10 years, I was recently diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation that showed up on the Zio Patch monitor that I had for 2 weeks. It records every heartbeat and has a button you can press if you experience certain symptoms, which I did a lot, and then write down the time and date you pressed the button in a booklet that comes with it. The best thing about it is that it's wireless and you can shower without having to remove it. You hardly even know it's there

Posted Dec 05 2014#3 of 3
ErininSingaporeUser Since: Dec 2014Posts: 1Hi, I am had a loop monitor implanted in August. I have had arrhythmia since I was 16 (am 41 now) and never able to get a diagnosis. After wearing holster monitors on and off and never being able to "catch and record" the arrhythmia it was very frustrating and frightening. I had it implanted at NYU medical center and live in Singapore. The monitor is able to record my events during the day and is remotely transferred every night. If I have an episode that I tag by using the hand held device, Medtronic reads it the following day and notifies my US cardiologist. It has been essential in diagnosing my SVT. I just started to have PVC this week - was able to get the strip from my cardiologist to confirm that in 24 hrs. my Dr in singapore has shown me a case that goes around your iphone or android that is basically a EKG and can record a strip for you to send or show to your cardiologist. It is amazing technology. Let me know if you are interested and I can dig around for the name of it.

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