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UserID: Julieanne Type: CurePVCs Joined: Oct 17 2014
Thread Started: Oct 17 2014 Last Post: Jul 24 2015 Last Post By: Jeryl Smith
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 2

Does taking Venlafaxine worsen PVCs

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Posted Oct 17 2014#1 of 2
JulieanneUser Since: Oct 2014Posts: 1Hi i have suffered with pvcs for many years which i believe is brought on by anxiety, i have just been prescribed Venlafaxine but i am very anxious about taking it as other antidepressants have made my pvcs worse. Has anyone had experience with Venlafaxine? Did it have any effect on your pvcs?
Posted Jul 24 2015#2 of 2
Jeryl SmithUser Since: Jul 2015Posts: 2Hi: I'm a newby to the site & spoke with my doctor's office today. I am also on Effexor & they looked it up & it does not contribute to PVC's. Best wishes.

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