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UserID: ericyabro Type: CurePVCs Joined: Oct 24 2013
Thread Started: Aug 29 2014 Last Post: Aug 29 2014 Last Post By: ericyabro
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 1

Anyone taking Flecainide to treat PVC's?

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Posted Aug 29 2014#1 of 1
ericyabroUser Since: Oct 2013Posts: 15My cardiologist is recommending I try taking Flecainide for my PVC's. Do any of you take this drug?
I'm currently taking a 3rd different beta-blocker (Atenolol) which doesn't help at all just like the other 2 didn't help. I think my Doctor's are just sick and tired of me contacting them with these. I wish they got thousands of PVC's a day to see how they deal with them. I'm going on 13 years with these fricken PVC's and they're just getting worse as time goes on. Need help!!!! Thanks,


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