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UserID: Michele Caruso-Prudhomme Type: Facebook Joined: Aug 16 2014
Thread Started: Aug 16 2014 Last Post: Feb 28 2015 Last Post By: Docphil
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 13

How many?

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Posted Feb 28 2015#11 of 13
DocphilUser Since: Jan 2015Posts: 7

- 1 Cap Opti-Men, It's a multi vit

Taking 3 of these a day.
Posted Feb 28 2015#12 of 13
LisaGHUser Since: Sep 2014Posts: 30Thanks doc phil for sharing what you are taking. I need to defeat the beast for sure. Some days it's so scary, I don't even leave my house. I bought magnesium last night and will start taking it today. Fingers crossed!
Posted Feb 28 2015#13 of 13
DocphilUser Since: Jan 2015Posts: 7Heya Lisa,

No prob! Happy to share my experiences! I know, it can be very scary from time to time. Sometimes i think that i'm gonna die or something, my mind just keeps racing. The feeling can be so overwhelming. Being scared of a cardiac arrest 24/7 is no living at all. I try to keep myself calm and i'm convinced that one of these days I, we, will find the solution for PVC's!

keep me posted about your experience with the magnesium tabs!

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