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UserID: Michele Caruso-Prudhomme Type: Facebook Joined: Aug 16 2014
Thread Started: Aug 16 2014 Last Post: Feb 28 2015 Last Post By: Docphil
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 13

How many?

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Posted Aug 16 2014#1 of 13
Michele Caruso-PrudhommeUser Since: Aug 2014Posts: 1I know people get them but I don't know anyone that is walking around the grocery store bent over because they are having 15-20 a min. This is beyond not normal. Something's has to not be right. I am at the end of my rope.
Posted Feb 27 2015#2 of 13
Poul Friang OlsenUser Since: Feb 2015Posts: 9im trying to figure that out to, i have been checked with ekg, holter, echo, stresstest, and blood samples, and have not gotten an answer eccept, that some people just have them, somedays i have 20-30 a minute, there is not many minutes in a day, where i dont have atleast one
Posted Feb 27 2015#3 of 13
LisaGHUser Since: Sep 2014Posts: 30Poul ~ I've had all the tests you stated too, and was told the same thing....some people just have them. My doctor's say that my echo shows that my heart is functioning normally, my blood test shows that i'm not lacking any vitamins or minerals, and i passed the stress test. Diagnosis - benign pvc's. Advice - try to ignore them and do your normal things. My response to that -- i would LOVE to, but it's extremely difficult when you feel them all day long, and sometimes they are so scary that I too am bent over (like Michele says). I'm glad to be told that these are benign....but my quality of life is not like it used to be because of them.

Posted Feb 27 2015#4 of 13
Poul Friang OlsenUser Since: Feb 2015Posts: 9The thing about magnesium is that it will always show you have enough of magnesium in your blood, because the blood tests measure only plasma magnesium and not total body magnesium so always worth trying some magnesium supplements to see the effect (I would always check with your doctor to make sure its ok first)?

I started a week ago, taking multivitamins, taking magnesium, and eating more bananas, im not sure, i just been taking it for a week, but since yesterday they have not been every single minute, maby too early to tell if magnesium has a role in it.

I know how hard it is to live with this, and i will read the entire internet until mine are fixed, that some people just have them, is not a acceptable answer for me, im not okay with never experience them, til suddently having thousands, and feeling every single one of them.

Im blaming mine on either stomach related, or taking ppi's for 2 months when they started, im pretty sure mine has something to do with minereals and vitamins defiancy.
Posted Feb 27 2015#5 of 13
LisaGHUser Since: Sep 2014Posts: 30I agree with you about the blood test not showing the true magensium (and other levels) since they only shown the plasma levels. I mentioned this to my doctor & cardiologist, but they both brushed it off. My cardiologist told me if I wanted to start taking some supplements that I should go ahead. I'm afraid of taking too much, and he didn't give me any if I pursue it, I'm just going to start with the smallest dose and go from there.

I also totally agree with you that for years I had none, and now I have them not normal. I'm not accepting of the answer 'some people just have them' and 'just try and ignore them' either. All three of my doctor's told me this, and I can't believe that nobody wants to figure out WHY we get them. From what I understand, there could be many different reasons and/or triggers so it's a huge effort to try to figure out the WHY, and since these are suppose to be benign, I guess the medical community doesn't see the need to put the time into figuring out WHY. I can understand that, but at this point it is about quality of life. That, to me, absolutely warrants the time and effort to figure out WHY, and then try to eliminate them.

I too have stomach issues. Again, all of my doctor's dismissed the notation that stomach issues have any relation to pvc's. Not sure I believe that though.
Posted Feb 27 2015#6 of 13
Poul Friang OlsenUser Since: Feb 2015Posts: 9yes, if your doctor said go ahead, try to take magnesium, and perhaps some pottassium, i tried magnesium and calcium together, i think my palps got worse of it, so i tried just magnesium, and eating a banana or two a day, i think i see a diffrence, but maby its to early to tell yet.

Posted Feb 27 2015#7 of 13
LisaGHUser Since: Sep 2014Posts: 30Keep us posted. I'd be interested to hear how it works out for you. I myself am allergic to fruit, so I won't be eating any bananas, but do think I'm going to try magnesium supplements soon...
Posted Feb 27 2015#8 of 13
Poul Friang OlsenUser Since: Feb 2015Posts: 9i will tell how it works out for me :)
Posted Feb 28 2015#9 of 13
DocphilUser Since: Jan 2015Posts: 7Hi,

Magnesium is defo worth trying out! I also have to agree with you that the pvc's might be related due stomach problems.

At this moment i'm taking these sups and its working out just fine for me:

In the morning i'm taking:

- 500mg Magnesium & 250mg Calcium
- 1 Cap Ubiquinol, its a active form of CoQ10
- 1 Cap Omega 3
- 1 Cap B-100
- 1 Cap Opti-Men, It's a multi vit
- 1 Cap Potassium 99mg, which i take every 2 hours through out the day

Before bed:

- 3 Caps of Anabolic ZMA (Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate and Vitamin B6)

Posted Feb 28 2015#10 of 13
DocphilUser Since: Jan 2015Posts: 7I will also start my own timeline very soon to share my expierence with various supplements!

Let us defeat this beast! ;-p
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