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UserID: True blue Type: CurePVCs Joined: Jul 31 2014
Thread Started: Aug 11 2014 Last Post: Dec 27 2014 Last Post By: LisaGH
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 5

What really causes ectopic beats/PVCs /PACs

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Posted Aug 11 2014#1 of 5
True blueUser Since: Jul 2014Posts: 14What really causes these ectopic heartbeats? This question has come up in my mind so many times. Some people have been able to cure there's with various supplements but more have not been so successful. The doctors & consultants are all saying that this feeling of your heart 'skipping' a beat is normal & that everybody has them from time to time, it's just that they don't feel it. How on earth can it be normal to feel on a very regular basis that your jumping heart is normal. If it was normal, then every single person in the world would know what they are. How do the doctors know that everybody gets them? If not everybody 'feels' them then how do they know if they get them? Why is it that some people can 'cure' their funny beats with various supplements or diets & others can't? If ectopic beats are all the same then why is it that a vast majority of us are still subjected to these beats every single hour of every single day? If you go on other sites in regards to ectopic beats, they all say the same thing - 'it gets worse with age & there is no cure'. Many people have suffered with the funny beats for years, all have tried different ways of getting rid of them & all have failed miserably. It all doesn't make no sense to me at all. We are all human first & foremost so our bodies all work the same, we all need air to breathe & blood in our veins, we all need to eat & drink to fuel our bodies so won't it be one size fits all? I have noticed that symptoms that accompany ectopic beats vary - some have dizzy spells, shortness of breath, racing hearts (as well as skipped beats), headaches, tiredness & the list goes on. If you put these symptom in a search engine, what other illnesses does it come up with? Also almost every doctor has used the words - panic, anxiety &/or depression can cause ectopic beats & has handed out drugs to aid with this but even with the drugs like anti depressants, beta blockers etc the ectopic beats are still happening. So is the ectopic beats causing the anxiety & stress? In turn then leads to depression & panic because the person suffering with these beats still have no answer or cure to what is going on with their 'normal & healthy' heart? I have suffered with anxiety for most of my 31yrs of life & it wasn't until after the birth of my daughter 9 years ago, that I have ever experienced an ectopic beat. So what is the answer? A faulty electrical fault in my heart? Cos when you research about ectopic beats/PVCs /PACs online, that's what they say causes them. If this was the case then why is an EP study not done on us all & sorted with an op? But wait - if the doctors are saying that everyone experiences them then have we all got faulty electrical hearts? Or is it a lack in nutrients? If we get all our vitamins via food or multi supplement then why do we still have ectopic beats? Doctors & consultants - we deserve answers & cures please!!!!! No more fobbing us off. No more excuses. We demand research into these horrible, life altering beats now!!!!!
Posted Aug 11 2014#2 of 5
tim_77User Since: Jul 2014Posts: 27just this weekend, i was describing what i've been going through to a friend of mine. he said 'oh yeah, my heart does that too.' ... your heart skips beats? he said 'yeah. my girlfriend even noticed it the other day when she could feel my pulse and she was worried, but it's always done that.'
i couldn't believe it.

maybe there are some people who have always had ectopic beats, and to them it's normal, since there is no other way to feel? and to those of us who start getting them at some point in life, they're hard to accept.
Posted Aug 29 2014#3 of 5
raja0590User Since: Aug 2014Posts: 4I am 40 and have had what I used to call my heart spells for most of my life. The difference between then (when I was younger) and now is that the "spells" would happen for a few minutes to an hour then go away for months at a time. This past March I woke up having them and have had them daily sometimes really bad. Bad enough I went to the ER and found out that my "spells" are actually PVCs. They haven't went away this time and I am on a mission like everyone else to find out why. I have been taken cold turkey off of pain pills (was on methadone for chronic back pain from two back operations), and that wasn't the problem. I have cut back on caffeine and that hasn't stopped them. The only thing that has made any sort of difference is magnesium, organic sulfur crystals, and soaking in Epsom salt and these supplements have only afforded me perhaps a day or two with very few of them occurring but have not stopped them. I have noticed now that they have calmed down some that when I get any sort of stress be it from fatigue, hunger, or just having to go pee that I get a series of them. Perhaps its adrenaline gone wild which causes cortisol release and inflammation. I am prone to inflammation don't know if others are as well. The next supplement I am adding is inositol and holy basil. Somethings got to give. I refuse to take any more prescriptions after going through the horrible withdrawal I it seems that the doctors are clueless about this and just want to stick you on a medication that will ultimately create more issues with the side effects. I will not give up.

Posted Dec 20 2014#4 of 5
SuzLinUser Since: Dec 2014Posts: 4I agree that there is an underlying cause of bad ones. My doc said some people are just more sensitive, but I think "ummm, anyone would feel these!" I also had a friend say "yeah, I get those too" and I thought "what? why aren't you freaking out like meee???" I think high stress people like stress more. For example, I had a blood clot while pregnant (not good!). I was rescanned about a year later and it was totally gone and there was not sign I ever had one. I still worried. My husband is the complete opposite. He would not have even worried WHILE he had one. I wish I was more like that at times. Anyway, I think the underlying issue is a nerve issue. I read up on the vagus (spelling?) nerve. It is a GI nerve, but is somehow connected to the heart. I bet nearly everyone with PVCs has some sort of GI issue, even if only slight. I have celiac and these PVCs started shortly after I was diagnosed and the celiac was in full force.
Posted Dec 27 2014#5 of 5
LisaGHUser Since: Sep 2014Posts: 30Raja0590 ~ You're the first person to mention that you seem to have more of them when you may be hungry or have to pee. I've noticed this too.

SuzLin ~ You mentioned the Vagus Nerve. When I did a bunch of research, I too found lots of information that talked about this nerve and how it can have something to do with the cause of PVCs. I also recall reading that the Vagus Nerve can get thrown out of whack based on gastro issues (which most of us have in some capacity)...and when the nerve is out of kilter, it sends whacky signals which in turn causes the heart to think it is suppose to beat (a pvc) when it isn't (too premature). I did mention the connection between the GI issues and the PVC's to my doctor and he said that they have nothing to do with each other. I expected that answer since most of my research revealed that almost everyone who has posted about their pvc's said that their doctor dismissed the connection too. Sad.

If there are so many of us out there sufferring, why won't anyone help us to figure out how to stop them! I think the reason might be because it is believe that pvc's are benign so the pharma community doesn't feel the need to throw money and time at it. Again, very sad. They don't live our lives and feel our pain/stress/worry.


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