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UserID: dvisoky Type: CurePVCs Joined: Aug 09 2014
Thread Started: Aug 09 2014 Last Post: Nov 17 2015 Last Post By: hbrookes
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 3

Shortness of breath

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Posted Aug 09 2014#1 of 3
dvisokyUser Since: Aug 2014Posts: 1Hi Has anyone suffered from shortness of breath along with their PVS's? I've been a heavy bicycle rider for 20+ years and the doctor says my newly developed PVC's has nothing to do with it. Plus my breathing is not great. He says that the PVC's are causing the shortness of breath and there is not much to do about it as my heart is healthy ala Holter and Echo and Blood tests. He says to go on Advair or something like it. Any advice would be appreciated included how to handle my shortness of breath. Thank you Dave
Posted Aug 10 2014#2 of 3
No1199sUser Since: Aug 2014Posts: 1I also suffer from shortness of breath during my PVC's. I'm not sure my doctor is convinced that there is a relation between my shortness of breath and irregular heart beats. I am one week into a 30-day Event Monitor and this monitor allows me to describe the symptoms I am having and they can see what my heart is doing at the time of the symptom. I had an episode about a week and a half ago where I literally felt like I was suffocating (I was in trigeminy - a PVC every third heartbeat - at the time). My doctor doesn't seem to think it's related, but I'm not convinced. I look forward to seeing any responses that you get.
Posted Nov 17 2015#3 of 3
hbrookesUser Since: Sep 2014Posts: 2I too feel shortness of breath at times of PVC hell...Im trying to reconstruct what it is I am doing at those times. My nose has been constricted for 2 weeks now and my once controllable PVC's are back and causing their usual havoc. I have even considered allergies? After raking leaves,cutting grass etc.. They start or get worse? When I work out at gym I sound like train trying to breath through my nose? any similar symptoms? Even walking up steps has me puffing.

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